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Arnold meets Mentzer

I’m thinking or trying out a Hybrid Arnold/Mentzer routine. Bascally what I was thinking of doing was following some of the routines from the Arnold Encyclopedia BUT (big BUT) only performing the last set of each exercise in a Mentzer fashion. So basically the first three sets for that exercise would be kind of like warm ups. I would take a total of 20-30 lbs less for the exercise then I could normally handle (for all but the last set)for the specified number of reps. So my questions are: Has anyone ever tried something similar to what I mentioned? And even more importantly, do you think there could be a benefit to doing the three initial sets with the much lighter weight I mentioned? Thanks in advance.

Why not try 2 sets with each set to failure? It is a lot less wear and tear and you have half a chance of actually completing a full body workout in a single day. Or even an upper or lower body workout.

Sounds a lot like what Dorian Yates has been doing for years, although he uses considerably less volume than Arnold did.