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Arnold is Going to Be in Terminator 5!



Also if you look at current pictures of Arnold in 2011 he is getting back into some great shape.


I wonder what role he is going to play...

I don't know why but somehow I'm not really thrilled about this...


Pic of arnold in april 2011



Too bad the series sucks now. It should have ended after the second one.


I like T3 IMO Salvation ruined it and I am not just saying that because Arnold wasn't in it. I don't think continuing on from salvation is a good idea.


I don't want it.


Lol @Nards

Terminator Salvation was actually good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. T3 is the one I really didn't like.

But I agree, T5 might not be that exciting.


My money is on washed-up moron, but that is yet to be officially confirmed iirc.




T3 sucked. It was nothing but flash and eye candy. All they did was try (poorly) to outdo the second one....by getting an even bigger truck to run down the lead....or getting a girl with huge boobs to be the Terminator. While I'm not faulting them on the boobs, the substance was just missing.

We went from a discussion of destiny to basically saying it doesn't matter because what's written will happen no matter what.

Salvation wasn't bad at all. But still....it wasn't the Sci-fi break through that the second was.

T3 should have never been made.


Salvation rocked, we can just delete t3.

Looking forward to it.



Bale did a pretty badass job in salvation I thought.


Bale did a good supporting job, who stole the spotlight was Sam Worthington, who looked like Cain Velasquez.


I'm excited to see Arnold return to movies. Im sure he'll do fine


For me, the great mystic about the Terminator series was the Terminator coming back in time and doing the terminator stuff in the present day. The brief visual flashes and discussions of the future war between SkyNet and the resistance in the first were just devices to create a greater story where the onus was on the audience to imagine how it was.

It made the events in the films more important because the audience knew something was at stake. Like Prof X said about the third film, they basically point blank stated it doesn't matter what happens in the past, the future is already in writing. So the third Terminator film in a way nullified the story of the first and second films.

For that reason, I didn't like nor was interested in Salvation. It just becomes another Robocop or some imaginary world that creates the scene for the audience of what the war looks like instead of letting the audience keep that imagination. Again, it nullifies the original films for me. Plus, we already know the resistance will win - robots are going to be killed, explosions and yatayatyata.

Don't make T5.


Very good post.

Yeah, that was one of the great things about the first movie...it had that positive part of it with Kyle Reese telling Sarah Connor that the humans had already won and that this Terminator travelling back in time was a desperate but dangerous plot by SkyNet.

And yeah, Terminator 3 felt like the pilot to a Terminator TV show (which they did have a couple of years ago...what crap that was too)


Yes. The Terminator show was dreadful. I watched the first few episodes then didn't bother with the rest. Terrible.


Terminator 5: Sending Arnold back to 2003 to stop T3 being made??

Arnold is also attached to 'The Last Stand' which looks interesting


I haven't watched the fourth one and I won't be watching this one.

I absolutely love the first one and really like the second one. I don't want the saga ruined for me. It's like with Aliens, for me it's a trilogy.

This scene is one of my favourites in all movie history :


Salvation is just a standard hollywood "revive old series" flick... It's fine on it's own for what it is, but honestly, it did not capture the atmosphere etc that made T1 great at all, and there were a number of other things wrong with it...

If they can get the overall feeling right again, then I'm all for Arnie coming back etc. Like many oldschool guys (Larry Scott looks or at least a few years ago looked better than when he was competing, Nubret is dead now but he looked phantastic until he had his stroke or whatever it was... I wish he hadn't tried to get into contest shape at his age...) Arnold has repeadedly demonstrated that he can get into great shape even in his old age.
I'm only a bit worried about his heart condition... Hopefully he'll be alright and won't try to get too lean for the sake of the movie.

And hell... They can just dress him up in a leather jacket as usual (he had nowhere near the size he used to back in the day in the old films anyway) and use some CGI if necessary like they did in salvation... Worked well enough.

But Arnold or no Arnold, I really do hope they change the overall atmosphere and feeling of the movie. And please no Christian Bale. The guy so isn't Connor it's not even funny. He's great in other roles, but please, never again in Terminator.