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Arnold in England


An enjoyable read.



bugger, beat me to it.

agree, was an enjoyable read and previously i knew very little of arnie's stay in england.


That was a pretty good article.



If you read Wendy Leigh's bio on Arnold, it talks a lot about the Bennets. How Wag outbenched Arnold (apparently, although he looked all fat, was quite the strongman), and how Diane actually slept with Arnold, but then complained how he was "cold". I know Arnold's "People" tried to keep this book from coming out in the 1990's (I think), but if you can find an old copy for a few bucks online, it's a great read.



If, by any chance, any of you are ever in Portsmouth, and want to see the Gym they are talking about,
it's called Bob Woolgars, and is on Clarendon road.

Good artical.


That's pretty awesome that he set out to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time and that's what he did. He not only won alot of contests but he did so much for the sport and had such a presence that he's still idolized after 30 years..

I just watched commando again last night and he looked incredible once his shirt was shit off:)


Cheers man, I'm in Portsmouth in a couple of weekend's time, I may pop in and take a look if I get time :slightly_smiling:


You know, I honestly believe she's right. There is something indomitable about him.


great post. he talked a little about that in his "educaiton of a bodybuilder" autobiography... also a good read.