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Arnold Hurt in Motorcycle Mishap


At least it was a Harley...

Schwarzenegger Hurt in Motorcycle Mishap
LOS ANGELES (Jan. 9) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger received 15 stitches in his lip Sunday after he and his 12-year-old son were involved in a motorcycle accident near their home, his spokeswoman said.

Schwarzenegger was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle with his son Patrick in the sidecar when another driver backed into the street, spokeswoman Margita Thompson said in a statement.

"The governor was unable to avoid the vehicle in his path and collided with it at a low speed," she said.

Schwarzenegger and his son were treated for cuts and bruises at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica and released, Thompson said. Both were wearing helmets at the time, she said. They were recovering at home Sunday night.

The other driver was not injured. No citations were issued in the accident in the city's Brentwood section, said Officer Jason Lee, a police spokesman.

The governor was expected to keep his appointments Monday.

In December 2001, Schwarzenegger broke six ribs and was hospitalized for four days after a motorcycle crash in Los Angeles.

The accident occurred when a car stopped in front of him and he was unable to change lanes to avoid the vehicle. His ribs were broken when his chest hit the motorcycle windshield.

"It was very painful, much more painful than the heart surgery," he said at the time, referring to an operation he had in 1997 to replace a heart valve. "A rib breaking is like the worst."


True or not?

A motorcycle with the sidecar can be harder to control than one without.

I've heard that before and honestly would like to know.

Not that it applies to Arnolds crash here. Asshole backed up without looking, common resedential fenderbender. Glad to hear his son wasn't injured, he's no worse for wear.


This is what pisses me off when I ride, people act as if there should be no motorcycles on the street. I have had old women look directly at me on my bike and still nearly run me over. It is as if their mind doesn't process anything on the road that is not a car. It isn't like Harley's are so small you can barely see them.


They are harder to maneuver. He could have possibly swerved quicker without it and avoided it. Seeing as he had his kid with him, he may have turned the bike so that he would take the brunt of the force. It is what most parents would do out of protection so it makes sense. This is one more reason why those open face helmets are useless regardless of what kind of bike you ride.


As far as I've heard bikes with sidecars are a lot harder to control than a bike without. But I can't speak from experience on this one...

Sometimes helmets makes sense...


if he was wearing a full face he'd be perfectly fine... probably. he'd atleast have no stitches.

i don't know how people ride without atleast a full face helmet, jacket, gloves and boots. i don't even like sitting on my bike while its running without all my gear.


Me too, except for the boots. I haven't bought real riding boots yet. I feel "naked" on the bike with no helmet. I know open face helmets seem to be cool for those on cruisers, but they make no sense as far as safety.




Motorcycles are fun, but there are so many clueless drivers on the road....


hey prof X, check out newenough.com if you're looking for boots. they always have ridiculous deals and are awesome about returning products to find the right fit.




Very true. I have ridden with a sidecar a few times. Nice for a slow cruise but I would not try to take it through the curves at any decent speed.

Full face helmet, decent boots, gloves long pants and a jacket (mesh in summer) for me everytime.

I have seen the results of enough accidents to ride naked anymore.

Even a slow speed accident without decent protection can turn an inconvenience to a hospital stay.

Sometimes I think cars are intentionally trying to hit me, sometimes they just don't see me.


I think some of them are. I honestly believe that some people in cars are pissed off at people on bikes. Maybe it is because they know the bike is faster...or maybe they are upset because you get more attention than they do. I try to stay "in front of" accidents. I drive offensively when on my bike. I think defensive driving would get you run over. I wouldn't even hop on a sportsbike as a newbie without gaining enough experience to jump into traffic with confidence.


I have the same problem when I ride so now I just under the assumption that i'm invisible to everyone with a car. Another thing is when i split lanes which is legal here in california. Some people try to block your lane as if its my fault they are sitting in traffic.

A guy even spit on my friend one day (coming home from work splitting lanes on the freeway)and then the guy tried to run which he couldn't really because of traffic. well i'm not going into what happened to the guy but the situation was handled I could go on about the crazy thing you see with california drivers


And it's orders of magnitude worse when you ride a bicycle. :frowning:


Always try to go a little faster than the flow of traffic.

Riding slow and trying to maintain your lane position like they teach you to defensively drive a car is just asking to get run over.

The can't run you over if you are ahead of them and moving faster.

Sometimes I get scared at stoplights that the idiot behind me will run into me.


The terminator needed to be treated for cuts and bruises? Thats ridiculous!


yeah but that's asking for a speeding ticket ...heh i should know