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Arnold: Great Bodybuilder or Great Charisma?


Now, i am sure i am going to get flamed but i have been looking at Arnold and whilst he had a great upper body, did he actually have a 'balanced' physique ?

Personally i prefer the old school build than the current mass monsters but did Arnold win the majority of his Mr Olympias through charisma and personality ? (as well a being one of the top bodybuilders of his time)

I appreciate what he has done for bodybuilding etc. and am a fan of his style BUT if you looked at the overall package, was he really that far ahead of other guys of his era.....

Apologies if i have irritated but i would just like a decent debate about this ?


Personally, I think his charisma was the determining factor on SOME of the Olympia wins. I wouldn't go as far as to say he was OVERRATED, but as far as having the most refined and best physique of them all, I don't know.

Franco Columbo to me had THE most impressive physique probably because I'm a small guy and the amount of muscle he carried was off the chains. I know alot of BBers NOW have more impressive physiques than arnold, but back then, he definitely WAS one of if not the best. Except for Franco.. :slightly_smiling:


Who are these mass monsters of today?


Arnold's physique carried with it all the winning attributes that the criteria called for in his time.

He was tall, long-legged, had classic lines with a dramatic sweep. He was a master poser and knew how to twist his torso to accentuate his already dramatic v-taper.
He was criticized for his relatively "thin" legs, but if you look at his earlier pics, you'll see he had impressive leg mass... until after his accident (stage collapse) and subsequent knee surgery in the early 70's.

I still think he has one of the best physiques of all time.


"The plane, the plane!"


i prefer the old writing style


Name four of those mass monsters competing in this years Olympia.




kai greene, cutler to name 2. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but those guys are big beyond belief, and I think that's what porkpie was trying to convey


Jay Cutler, Marcus Ruhl...uh, cough, um, er....


Most of the people with this complaint don't even follow pro bodybuilding. Not to mention that Kai Greene, while a 'mass monster' is nothing like the unaesthetic Rhul or Kovacs that most people fall back to.

People with no knowledge of what the top have accomplished recently sound retarded when critiquing the entire stage of bodybuilding today compared to other eras.


Let me just say this... Arnold is the ONLY bodybuilder I have ever seen who imo looks good.



Then why are you in this forum?


To piss people off?


Let me rephrase... I think a lot of people who are big and over 200 lbs look good. But, I also think the top bodybuilders of today look fucking weird.. Jay Cutler for example. I respect the hard work tho.


Well, that was supposed to appear after the praise of Columbu.


What do you mean who are these mass monsters of today, Open a muscle magazine.300 pounds ripped isnt a mass monster?

Arnolds biggest he was 265 and not ripped at all, Fucking WalanderX is bigger than that.


great physique and stage presence. It would seem he knew exactly how bodybuilding worked and how he had to shape himself to it, his genetics just happened to fit. Arms that are cartoony and bigger in proportion to everything when posed. Abudance of the eye pleasing bicep muscle with high peaks. Calves that make everything appear in balance. Vastus lateralus developement so his legs would look good from all angles. His chest muscle insertion was half way down his torso. Making those behemoth, deep pecs. His back was out of this world too and even if Oliva, Nubret, or Ferrigno beat him from the front I dont' think any could match him from the back.
charisma just opened the door for bodybuilding and coupled with his great work ethic, his epic success. That's my guess.


thank you X for that... big w/ striated glutes and quads and etc., is entirely different than...fuck it i'm not even going to explain myself. Phrases like "MASS MONSTER" need to stay the fuck on youtube, don't drag that bullshit over here.


i think that either sergio olivia, who had an incredible v-taper, and rich gaspari, how was ripped beyond belief and quit vascular too, are some great bodybuilders of that era that rival arnolds physique, IMO.