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Arnold Gets Angry

Here’s clip of Arnold on an old '70s show, quite funny:


the end is worth watching for, that is quite hilarious. Some nice bad acting in there.

can i pet the rabbits george?

That was worth it.

Especially at the end when he gets pissed off. Such bad acting, lol.

[quote]Irish Muscle wrote:

This lady is talking like she wants to do arnold.

[quote]rander wrote:
can i pet the rabbits george?[/quote]

Sure Lennie. Just stay away from the women


(Clip fro the last guy to post this Arnold link):

This is from 70’s Cop show “Streets of San Francisco”(Where Michael Douglas got his start). Arnold is cast as a psychotic killer with anger problems and a nacissistic obsession. Later in the show is a faux contest with top BB’s of the time acting as no-names, including Franco, Zane, & Robinson…I mentioned this in another thread regarding how bodybuilding was NOT really accepted then (disproving the nostalgia crowd), and this episode of “Streets” proves my point!. Notice that the girl called him a “Body Freak”, putting him on the same level with cultists common at the time, like Hippies and “Jesus Freaks” (Vince Gironda was not known as the “iron guru” by accident)…

In this episode (Cleverly named “Dead Lift”) bodybuilders are viciously jeered, laughed at, insulted, inferred to be homos, etc; reflecting the true general attitude of society at that time. Arnold was just starting out and had yet to influence the “fitness revolution” we would see emerge in the 80’s…

Anyone who thinks BB was “better” back then needs to see this entire episode for a wake up call!..I see that these will soon be coming out on DVD, along with the original Robert Stack “Untouchables”…

Great clip. That actress was in a bunch of stuff in the 80’s.