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Arnold for Gov.

Watching Leno tonight and Arnold announced that he was going to run for the Governor of California. Is this a good thing? I think he got a shot at it. If Ronald Ragen can be president of the USA whats stopping Arnold becoming Gov. of California.

Hell, if Jesse “The Body” Ventura can be the gov. of Minnisota. Arnold should be able to win California. Not only that he does have Maria on his side.

Having Maria on his side won’t help him any, since she’s a Kennedy and a dyed in the wool liberal, while he’s a staunch conservative (albeit a moderate one) and will be running as a Republican.

Arnold needs to have some sort of stance on the immense problems California has. We don’t need a celebrity figurehead right now, we need someone who can work toward fixing our deficit and economy in general.

Has he gone public with his solution for all the illegal immigrants in this state? Just wondering.

I believe Minnesota was in a position where they could enjoy a govenor like Jesse the Body. I’m not so sure California is in the same position. I mean hell, the current Govenor is being outsted!

More people moved OUT of this state last year than what moved in. That doesn’t include the non taxpaying illegal immigrants though. California is in some serious trouble, even though I dig Arnold, I don’t think he would be a good choice for Govenor especially when times are as tough as they are.

Whats going to happen to the Arnold Classic next year? See, yet another reason he shouldn’t have thrown his hat in the ring.