Arnold Fitness Expo

I’ve heard T-mag/Biotest is going to have a booth at the Arnold Fitness Expo next weekend. That will be one of my first stops Friday morning. Are any of the writers going to be there? It would be a good chance to put a face with some of the people responsible for putting out this great information. Also, will there be any T-shirts available? I could always use another one.

Yes, the “booth” is actually more like a small village, though. It’s huge! A lot of us will be there. As of right now, and things may change, I’ll be there along with TC, Cy Willson, John Koenig, John Berardi, and several of the Biotest guys- Billy, Jeff etc. Tim will likely be there, but I can’t remember offhand if Bill Roberts and Ian King will be there. Ian’s wife is about to have a baby, so he may be staying home to play catcher. Or maybe she’s already had it and he’ll be there. I’ll ask him. I think there will be a few more there, too.

We’ll have tons of free giveaways, you can believe that. The giveways and booth setup are arriving in a couple of semis. No kidding. Hope everyone stops by and says howdy.

Hey , where is this Arnold fitness expo going to take place at? Columbus, Ohio? How much is it to get in? How long does it take? I need some info please. It would be pretty cool to meet all the T-mag guys in person. Thanx

Just go to

will T-mag post photos? I’ve always been interested in seeing what the T-crew looks like, too, as well as what the Arnold convention will be like.