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Arnold Expo Tips


I know the ,ptivation for a lot of this events patrons is the deals on supps. I also know that many leave the building disappointed because they expect "Christmas". The reality is that you will most likely pay normal price for whatever you buy.

There are ways to get some pretty sick discounts though. The first being the date on which you attend. If your sole intent is to clean up on supps go on Sunday. It might seem like common sense but I've really met people who expected 10 pounds of proten for 20 dollars on day 1. (lol)

Anyway, make sure you get there around 2 on the last day while the booths are packing up. When you see something you want being packed up offer a number to the booth workers. They'll most likely take what you give. I bought one of each of the tshirts from Animal Pak and got a free beanie this way.

If its something you really want. talk to the workers from Friday to sunday if youre gonna be there all 3 days. They'll probably tap you on the shaoulder and toss you something for distracting them from their boredom. lol

If anyone else has turned pro at getting the big deals from The Classic..post the techniques here. No, hitting them or putting it in their poopers won't work...I don't think.