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Arnold Expo Meet/Greet


In the spirit of the T-Nation Seminars, I was wondering if anyone from OH, PA, MI, IN (and beyond for that matter) were planning on going to "The Arnold" in a couple months. I live less than two hours away and try to go every year. I thought it would be nice to maybe place a few T-Nation usernames with faces. We can all oogle the synthol/GH freaks together...not to mention the figure competitors...I'm first in line to see Elaine Goodlad though!!

Even though the Gov. has taken some heat recently over the event, it appears that it's a go again this year...

I'll do my part to arrange anything that would need to be arranged...hell, I might even pick up lunch depending on the following factors (these are each fairly large variables BTW and I retain the right to use my own personal discretion...:wink:.

  1. How large my commission check is this quarter
  2. How many people are there
  3. How big YOU are
  4. How much grub it appears you can stuff down your cake hole

Anyway, PM me or just reply here if you think it sounds like a good idea.

GT (aka...Kyle)"


I'll be at the expo Friday and Saturday. My roommate and I are driving down from Cleveland.


I'm in Eastern Oklahoma and me and the whole family unit are driving up for the Arnold Strongman and the rest is just extra credit

I'm hoping to cram as much strength activities in the 2 to 3 days I'm there.

I just wish they'd post who was competing in the Strongman.


I'd venture to say, some big guys from the US, eastern Europe, and the Icelandic regions. Just a hunch though, as I think Cambodia is really gunning for this one.


I'll be there!!!!


No thanks. The Arnold showcases everything I hate about bodybuilding; the freak show, the supplement whores and the wannabes.

For me, it's like the Harley thing. The Arnold is to bodybuilding what Sturgis and Bike week are to motorcycling. That's what everyone thinks of when they find out you ride. You immediately get lumped in with that bunch of assholes.

It's the same with the Arnold. That's what makes the news, that's what everyone thinks of when you tell them (or they can tell by looking at you) that you lift.

Just my two cents.


gojira...i agree with you...to an extent. The first time I went to the Arnold, my first impression when I walked onto the show floor was...WTF?!?!! Freaks from both sexes everywhere. I have to admit, however, that I consider MYSELF a bit of a freak...not in terms of muscle mass, but in terms of my commitment and dedication to the "fitness lifestyle" not necessarily the "bodybuilding lifestyle". I'd like to think that the two don't have to be connected. I realize, however, that to the lay person, they probably are. Oh well...piss on them.


Yeah, it's unfortunate. And the recent rash of shows on TLC like Supersize She and the Man with the Exploding Arms don't help matters. However, I just don't care for those types of venues. The strength events are the only thing I would be interested in seeing, but as I said I don't want to have to run the gauntlet of the freaks, supplement whores and wannabes.
Guess I'm getting cranky in my old age.


I'll be there all three days. Shugart and I will be covering the events for T-Nation.

I know Robertson will be in town and Tate will be there Friday. I think Anthony Roberts will be at a booth promoting his new book.

Gojira, the event has grown so much that the bodybuilding event is almost a sideshow. They have: bodybuilding, fitness/figure, strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, martial arts, gymnastics, arm wrestling, the Arnold Strength Training Summit, volleyball, you name it is happening over the weekend.

Should be fun.


I'm taking a day off school on friday to go then my dad and i are going on saturday. i agree some of the women there that make most normal men look small is a bit nausiating but there are more than enough beautiful women and celebrities there to make up for all that, i went last year for the first time and my favorite event there by far was the strongman, getting to see the guys you see on t.v. all the time in person is pretty sweet


I plan on being there. It'll be my first... Any tips for an Arnold virgin?

Maybe someone could help me out by pointing out a cheap hotel or place to stay.