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Arnold Expo 2012, Who's Going?


The Arnold Expo is coming up in a few. March 2-4 in Columbus, Ohio. I went last year with a few buddies and it was a great time.

Who all is going this year?


BigIron and I are going. We get in on Friday afternoon. I wonder if we should set something up so we don't have to rely on telepathy and luck once we're all in town.


It's okay, synergy and Hip will be there. When together, they create their own gravitational pull that will bring us all together.


Corst and I will be there Thursday. I'd actually suggest tossing together a FB event to coordinate all this stuff.


I'll be there


I will be there rocking a T-Nation Shirt with my gf. Find us if you can.

Y'all will get me in all my undead glory.


I know a few gym owners in Columbus that are "hardcore"......would everyone like to train SAT...morning...I will work on a "free" place to train!


that sounds solid Chad- thanks, up for it!


I'll be there with my Indigo-3G shirt on :wink:


it's very possible I'm going so I'll let you guys know.


I might make it a road trip with a few of my buddies. Or, hopefully my cousin is going so I could tag along with him. Anyways, I'd love to try and go. So much free shit and a ton of great people, from what I heard.

What events will you guys be going to?



Everyone hold a paper that says "test.net" so we know we're members here.


I live in Columbus, so I'll be there. keep me informed on the plan.


About 90% sure I'll be going again this year.


SPARKLEZ!! :smiley:


I'm going this year, will be my first time.


I will be there, I plan on doing the expo on Friday and hitting the XPC Coalition meet on Saturday.


I WILL be there, to cheer on a girlfriend for her first ever figure comp.

I'll have a Test.Net paper stuck to my shirt.


and by "shirt" we all sincerely hope you mean "pasties"


What tickets should one buy for the arnold? Never been so i'm slightly confused there.