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Arnold Expo 2011


March 4th - 6th

Who's going?! Who's been before?

I think a few of my strength club buddies and I from KU are going to be road tripping for the weekend's expo. Should be a good time!

Does anyone know if Kroc is going to be there?

EDIT: I searched around for a thread already made but couldn't find one


I've thought about it the last three years because it's so close. It's tempting as hell, but then I think about how irritating it would be to be herded around like a sheep with, in fact, a bunch of sheeple.


Yeah SSC has a good point... that's why if I'm going this year, I'm competing in the weightlifting open, so I don't have to deal with a bunch of bullshat.


and Kroc should be there with his sponsor (don't think you can mention their name here, damn fascists).


You're competing?! Let me know the details when you can, I would definitely come watch


for sure dude.


I'll be there in our booth. The race to wait in line for free supps is always fun to watch. It's like a commercial where women break down the doors and fight over a pair of heels, just with meat heads and bags of protein and containers of N.O. products.


Went to Mr.Olympia this year and it was incredible. Sorry never been to the Arnold Expo but i'm sure it will be a great show.