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Arnold Classic

The Arnold Classic is almost here! Any T-Nation readers gonna be there this year?
Also, anybody know whether Biotest is going to show up this year? The Olympia seemed to go well for them, so I was hoping they would be coming over here for all of us on the East Coast.

I’ll be there…what other T-Nationers’ are going?

[quote]Raige wrote:
I’ll be there…what other T-Nationers’ are going?[/quote]

I will know soon enough. I got to figure out if I can drop a grand for that weekend.

I’ll be there on the medical staff.

Im there, a guy from my gym is gonna be in the bench contest saturday, weight of 181, going for a bench of over 600.


I’ll be there on Saturday!

Figure I’ll revive this thread. I’ll be there all 3 days. Can’t wait to see all the big guys. Plus the booth babes can’t hurt.

I’ll make the short drive. Should be awesome. Is Biotest going to be there?

I live in Columbus so i will be there… dunno which days yet… depends on my dance schedule.