Arnold Classic

I just got back from the Arnold Classic Expo. It was such a good time! I met with Jenny Lynn and talked with her for about half an hour (one-on-one). Amazing!

By the way, I stopped by the HOT-Rox/Mag-10 booth and talked with the guys there. They were VERY helpful and informational. Thanks!

I stopped in Friday. They had the Womens pre judging on the Expo stage Friday 12 to 3. It was neat to see a couple of the local competitors.

Wierdest booth had to be for Snickers Marathon. People were waiting in line to do pushups to get a free sample. I skipped it,… but watching the others was definitely worth a smile.

Don’t know if you checked out the Olympic and/or Powerlifting.

I saw a kid from Virginia weigh in at 162 - he cleaned 308. Very cool.