Arnold Classic

Hey there T-people. I was wondering if any of you have been or are thinking of attending the Arnold Classic Expo this February/March. I am a college student at Tulane and I am thinking of going all out and getting a VIP pass and flying up there. I have never been to a pro boydbuilding/fitness show, and I would love to meet the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Any comments or experiences in regards to this event would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Not this year, BUT I am going next year as a VIP so I can meet the Man and all of the juice heads.

Since I live in Coumbus, I go every year, always the expo, then one of the shows. Always try to see the bench contest, since I know one of the regular competitors. A few years ago, mywife literally bumped into the big man coming around a corner. One of his bodyguards grabbed her and pushed her out of the way. Arnold grabbed the bodyguard, told him to apologize since it was an accident, then proceded to fire him. Blew me away.He then apologized himself for the incdent. No wonder he is my favorite actor.

I’m there dude. Already ordered my tix for the expo. Me and and a non-T-man will be there all day Saturday. I would love to meet some like-minds. Maybe in a month or so we can set up a meeting place and time Saturday. I’m also gonna throw up a post on the pound about this.

With the VIP, are you promised to meet Arnie?

Tulane? Oh good lord, there goes the neighborhood.

Hey people! I am glad that I got some good responses. The VIP tickets include a picture with Arnold, the Terminator himself. At least that is what the arnold classic website said. I have Mardi Gras Break starting that friday, february 28th so I would fly up and get to Columbus later that evening. Then experience the bodybuilding, strongman, and expo etc on saturday and sunday. I would love to meet some T-men and women (wink wink). I also have been asking about super slow training and have decided to not do it. Just because I want to focus on my own workouts which are brutal enough and produce results. Just a side note. Any other comments about the Arnold Or Super Slow Training are much appreciated. Thanks again.

I have been there every year. The last three I had VIP’s. If you plan on using a VIP be in for a busy weekend. And yes you get your picture with Big A. As with the expo. I send my wife and son to load up on freebie’s. I would guess during and entire weekend you can come out with 2 to 300 dollars with free items. Although they seem to get worse every year about passing out free stuff. Just remember to park close by so that you can make as many trips to your car all day long. Would like to me some fellow T-Men also.

I’d did the vip thing one year. I think it would be worth it to do it once, but at that price that’s probably about it. Plus its hard to get someone to shell out the bucks for it too. I’ll be at the expo and the men’s evening show. Make sure your arms are strong enough because you’ll get a load of samples. Some years are better than others, but last year I did pretty good. My wife was my mule. Usually you can get some great deals on supps. By the last day people just want to get rid of them so they don’t have to fly them home. They also have several exhibitors with brand new types of workout equipment that you’ve never seen. Lots of eye candy, but it can be a-holes to elbows at times. Not great for the closterphobic, but if you can handle it you’ll have a blast. The show is great. Very professional and halfway through they usually have some kind of entertainment that’s pretty good. I

Ya, I’m going for the first time ever and I’m kind of excited about it. I’m not really a pro bb fan, but I hear it’s a great weekend with lots to see and do. I want to check out the grappling tournament they have. I believe it’s run by the Gracies, but I’m not totally sure. If T-folk are goining to meet up, let me know when and where.

Yes, it is a wonderful experience. We have taken the family for the past 3 years. I have 3 boys, age 12,14, and 18. It has become such a fun time for the family that we take the boys out of school on Friday, just to see the show when they have the lowest attendance and highest sample ratio. We have not been able to swing the price of VIP tickets, but possibly when I get rich and famous. The boys have their bedroom walls plastered with signed pictures of babes and stars from the show, along with their workout routines. They also competed in the martial arts competition last year. The show can be very tiring wading through lines, carrying bags, etc. Someone said to park close so you can carry your bags back to the car, that was a veteran speaking, head him well. Best of all, this year we will get a chance to speak with Dave Draper again. He is one of the most sincere persons I have ever talked to. That will be the highlite for me this year.p>



Hey all. I am impressed with the responses and I will definitely follow some advice that has been given. I am driving up to the show on february 28th, and my first full day will be march 1st. I got VIP tickets because I really want to meet Arnold, and because I have never been to a BB show or anything like it. I got a hotel room right at the convention center so I can just carry all the free stuff back to my room. Anyways if anyone has any further info, memories, or suggestions I am all ears. Take it easy.

I’ll be there working at it if I get all the licensing taken care of.