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Arnold Classic

Any of the T-Nation attending in March? I have never been but would love to if my college schedule permits this year. It starts on the 28th of Feb and runs through the first weekend of March. I’m primarily interested in the Expo. Afterall, it is only a three hour drive for me. Anyone going? Is it worth it?

Where is it? I don’t hear much about these things so I if you could tell me that would be great.

It’s in Columbus. I’m not sure if I’m going or not yet. The best day to go is probably Saturday. That’s when they have the bench competition and more big names are around. Sunday is a good day to go and buy supplements as a lot of the booths are practically giving away their stuff. I’ve gone in the past and always have had a good time.

Thanks guys. The website is www.arnoldclassic.com, so check that out for more info. I was thinking of driving down Sat. morning and spending the day.

Wouldn’t miss it for anything. I have gone each year that they have had it. Loved it everytime. I choose one day out of the weekend to just get the freebie’s. Last year I beat it was over 400 dollars worth. You have to make a few trips to your vehicle but it’s really worth it. So is meeting all the bodybuilders. Pro and non Pro alike.

I’m not going (and unfortunately, have not been able to attend one yet!). Just a question for those who have been there:

Many feel that the “AC” is becoming THE premiere Bodybuilding event (if it isn’t already), standing to eclipse the “Olympia” by leaps and bounds.

Any thoughts, especially by those of you who have attended both events?



Considering the fact that Arnold and Jim Lorimer are geniuses at marketing, it’s no wonder that the AC is now the premiere event. Mufasa, I do believe it is the premiere event. I can see they’re trying to raise the Olympia up to that level again, by the move to Vegas and putting all three (men, women, fitness) events in the same weekend. I’m thinking that that was a tag too late to “take action” and the promoters of the Olympia are gonna be playing “catch up” for some time.

What the AC does is incorporate all fitness interests together: bodybuilding, general fitness and even martial arts. Pretty cool plan, if you ask me. PLUS it's in Columbus. And Arnold has remained faithful to the bodybuilding fans of Columbus, ever since the Mr. Olympia was held there that first time waaaaay back (and he won).

Those be, my thoughts.

Are you going?


poohbaya: Nope. I’d have to fly into Columbus, get a hotel, etc. Frankly, I’d rather spend the cash needed for that weekend on other things (art supplies, FOOD and supplements). Someday, I’ll check it out. Someday.