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Arnold Classic

Hey everyone, who’s going to the Arnold Expo next weekend. I heard t-mag wasn’t going to be there. That’s a shame. Last year I didn’t know anyone else that knew what Biotest or T-mag was. Since the Expo most of the people at the gym know about them (I live in Columbus), have a subscription, and use the supplements. I know someone at T-mag said that the Expo was a waste of moola, but I got to tell you from my point of view last year got 'em some sales. Just my two cents. Anyhow, guys, who’s going? I’m definetly going on Saturday.

I can’t wait to see who, if anyone, lifts the Apollon’s Axle replica overhead. Mark Henry, Brad Gillingham, Shane Hammon & Hugo Girard are all going to be there.

What day are they doing that? I think its going to be Friday at 3pm since the schedule lists the strong man for that time with no information and for Saturday at noon with the hummer pull as the event. If enough people are interested I’ll post some of the schedule. What day(s) are you going? It would be interesting to meet the other t-mag readers. Our poor wives and girlfriends. This is probably like getting stuck at a barbie convention would be for us.