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Arnold Classic USAPL Raw Challenge Invitations



I am so excited to be competing there. TunaMonkey and Modi are invited.


congrats Phil


My coach is invited too...jealous!


Thanks, KBCThird!


That's cool that your coach is going.


Any idea who I would contact for getting on the list? I should be the first alternate for my weight class, but I'm guessing the meet results never got sent in, since none of the lifts are on powerliftingwatch either.

Oh, and btw, congrats! It's an awesome competition and the lifters there are all very worthy of respect.


Congrats my man on this accomplishment! This is exactly what I am shooting for in the future. Hope you are able to put up some PR's.


Congrats. That is definitely something to be proud of.




Primary selection
*2009 ASF Raw competitor
*2009 Raw Nationals
Secondary Selection
*2008/2009 Raw total in Sanctioned USAPL meet
Final Selection
*2008/2009 Total in USAPL Sanctioned meet
*Must have established a minimum Wilks total:
*Men: 400 unequipped
*Women: 360 unequipped

I would see if you could get the meet promoter to submit the meet results to the USAPL national office.

Thanks, Bergman!


Thanks, SergeantQ!


Thanks, undesired08!


Thanks, elano!


I found out that the deal is this is only Tier One qualifiers so far. My bad!

I'll definitely come and watch you all though - it's always great fun to watch.


Congrats Phil!!! Your training looks awesome right now, what is your goal for the meet?


Awesome stuff! I won't be going this year but good luck


Thanks, Mikey! I am enjoying block periodization. I have finally found a program I will stick with long term. I want to total 1700+. I will have a better idea as I get closer to the meet.


Thanks, IronAbrams! I hope to see you there at the next one.


Hey, that's great. I didn't even know that I made the list.

I'm in the process of rehabbing a nagging groin pull right now (I had it at Nationals which is why I bombed my last Squat), so I have to see how it goes. I'd love to compete at the Arnold's, and if I can get my training in order, I will definitely be there.


Congrats on qualifying!

I wish that I had known there was going to be a USAPL event at the Arnold, would have done one of the RAW meets. Have to wait for next year I guess...