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Arnold Classic Feb 28-March 2 Columbus, OH

Ok, how many “Testosterone” cronies can I expect to see there. I plan to go Friday and Saturday. Gonna’ get me a bunch o’loot. Later-LW

My buddy bailed on me, so if I show it’ll be stag.

I’ll just be at the expo.

Pooh-I’ll probably just go to the expo also. Don’t really have a desire to spend money to see freaks. Hopefully my workout pard will be able to come along. See ya! -LW

I’ll be at the expo Saturday wearing the Testosterone T shirt. Will be cool to meet some other T maggers and maybe some of the staff.

I’ll be at the expo on Sunday. My buddies and I are going to enter the 35 pound dumbbell curl into a shoulder press competition.

Only $10 to enter, you get a t-shirt and i’m sure it will get crazy with all of us talking smack about who is going to win. (Not the whole competition, just out of my little group).

I’d wear a testosterone shirt if I had one but since I don’t I will probably just be sporting my Gold’s Gym T.

Looking forward to mass amounts of free shit!

  • Mark

Lowell I went about 5 years ago to the expo only, don’t worry you’ll see some freaks there to. :slight_smile:
The Westside Barbell Club also put on a benching demonstration with some of their top lifters. Pretty cool.

hey guys! I am going to arrive in Columbus late friday night, and be there saturday and sunday. I have never been to anything like this before so I decided to get the VIP and do it right. I will try to wear my t-mag shirt, but if not I am sure all will have a good time. I am also going stag, but I am going to the prejudging and the night show. Jay Cutler should be a freak among freaks. Let me know what is happening. Peace! (p.s. I will be the skinny dude with no muscle and a myoplex bar in each pocket.) :slight_smile:

Slider get rid of the Myoplex bar and get some GROW bars.

Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be there, and I’ll have a trash bag going around doing some bodybuilder trick or treating!! (I missed out in October, so I’m making up for it now)

I’ll be at the expo all three days, and probably be competing in the gracie world submission championships if I can afford it. I just found out my brakes are completely shot, so I’m just not sure yet.
Sporting the testosterone shirt? You better fuckin’ believe it…

I’m new to T-mag but I went to Arnold last year. It’s tomorrow and I’m f’ing pissed that I don’t have a T-nation shirt to sport so I can represent. Can anyone tell me how to get one? The black w/red symbol is so badass but I hear they’re not for sale. By the way, I got my picture taken w/Cutler and the great Mr. Yates last year. It might sound cheesy but I was stoked cuz Dorian had these two smoking females hanging on him and he was nice enough to take a picture.
Ok hope to meet some fellow T-men and more importantly T-vixens.

I was thier today, i saw 2, or 3 guys with t-mag shirts. It wanted to introduce my self but everytime thier was millions of people between us. Then i couldn’t find you guys again in open space.