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Arnold Classic advice

This is a question for those that have attended the Arnold Classic before. If you could only attend two days (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) which two would you choose and why?
I went on Saturday and Sunday this year, but by Sunday, everything seemed really dead, i.e. all the booths ran out of freebies way too early. If your goal is to collect as many freebies as possible, is Friday a better day than Saturday? I’m thinking of going Friday and Saturday this time. Any advice would be appreciated.

I used to attend the Arnold every year when I went to OSU, great time. I would say definitely go Friday and Saturday.

Thursday and friday seem to be the best days to go becouse there is not as many people on those two days as there tends to be on the saturday which has so many people running around it gets hard to breath.

Unfortunately, I can only be there on Sunday
this year :frowning:


Some companies sell their supps cheaply at the Arnold and I hear Sunday is a good day to get discounts (since they don’t want to pack the leftovers home.) So Sunday is a good day for that. Friday is cool if you want to get to chat with the “celebs” and Saturday is wild and crowded.

I've been there the past 4 years.  Sunday, without a doubt, is the best time to get bargains.  Free stuff is given out all weekend. If you can hang-out until around 3pm on Sunday, you will be glad you did.