Arnold Classic 2008, Anyone Going?

Anyone here going to the Arnold this year? I went last year and it’s pretty motivating and humbling at the same time to see the biggest people on earth. I’ll be there this year again…anyone else heading to Columbus?

im going im fucking pumped…ive got tickets for sat. final and ill prob be at the expo on sunday…
This is my first year and ive heard its the shit

jw your coming in all the way from NY?..isnt there a bb comp. in NY pretty soon after?

Im there every year! No way I’d miss it.
Best weekend of the year…

Yeah it’s about a 5-6 hour drive, but well worth it. Last year we spent two nights, got there Fri for the expo, went to th expo sat and the prejudging, and left sunday. The expo is fun but you don’t need 3 days to see it all.

I wanted to see the BB finals this year but the only tickets left were 2nd floor in the corner, that’s where I sat last year at the prejudging and you couldn’t see shit.

Not sure about the BB comp in NY…maybe?

I need to go to this next year. Let us guys who are too damn cheap know how fun it is with pictures of the hot women oh and some bodybuilders and strongmen. Mostly hot women though…