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Arnold Classic 04

Who here is goin to the Arnold Classic, and what is your best memory of any previous Arnold Classic.

Mine was almost kickin Art Atwood’s ass for lookin at me crossed eyed after i bumped into him last year.

Yo, I went with you Mccal last year, my best memory is almost winning the Dragan challenge, a combo Dumbbell curl and overhead press, the record for the day was 63 i got 59, I did it with a bad rotator cuff too.

You also can’t beat meeting the pros and fitness models!

I am going to the Classic on Saturday. I have never been before. I hope to meet Monica Brant!

mmmmm monica braaaaant…
we will get you looking like that in no time Amyswtprncss
…not that im saying you are far off! :wink:

My favorite memory out of the 5 years I attended was watching Chris Shugart and TC wolf down the Grow Protein Pie my friend and I made them. Other than that the strength exhibitions are the best. Could do without the big men in spandex though…

I’ll be there.
Last year Jill Mills lifted a 300lbs stone…That shit was crazy!

I saw the first 1100+ pound squat and the a new world record in the deadlift 930 something.

I hope this year my boy Fred Boldz gets the 181 pound bench record. I think he needs to hit 630 and the way he’s been training he can do it!

Good luck Westside!

Heres another pic of me last year at the classic, Angel teeves has everything I want, except she is married. Damnit, I need to lift harder!

Yo what torn cuff u jst got beat plain and simple quit making excuses barco95