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Arnold and Golds Gym Mask Policy

Can’t train if you’re on an incubator.


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It seems like Arnold has both “old man muscle” and “old man wisdom”.

Great compound set right there.

Arnold isn’t wearing a mask in the video… was he wearing one and took it off to bike home after he saw the gym wasn’t requiring them?

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Arnold should just buy that gym.

No big deal for Arnold because unlike most of us he has a nice set up at home.

He probably has a world class gym in everyone of his mansions. Why does he even go to a commercial gym?

Didn’t Arnold have an interest in Gold’s? If not, he tends to look after those who helped him on his way.

Arnold going to your gym is about a good an endorsement as there is.

I think Gold’s has a policy currently that requires masks in the walk-in social area, but NOT in the actual gym area,… which is questionable IMO. Arnold is the prime age to contract the virus, so I’m thinking that as much as he absolutely loves his daily routine, it’s not worth risking his life when he can train in any of his amazing home gyms.


Here in Berlin, Germany, the gyms are open. You have to wear a mask when you are in between workout stations, or machines. While you are on a machine or bench, you can take off your mask. Also, you really need to wipe things down. This has always been the case, but now, people are actually doing it.

Also, they’ve closed down some of the machines to keep a certain distance between people too.

I just try to go when the fewest people are there.

Older people like Arnold and high risk people should probably still avoid the gyms, regardless. They are very risky places even with the distancing and mask rules.

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Exactly the same in France. I still prefer that to my homegym equipment

Dude I’m just thankful gyms are open. You can take the mask off during sets here in the U.S. Same protocol.

I know everyone has their own thoughts on this, but I would assume that the heavier breathing associated with training would make taking off masks, even between sets, kind of silly.


I had a hard set of squats the other week. I sat down as I was panting for air and a big droplet flew out of my mouth and landed on the equipment. I went and cleaned it up with the disinfectant spray but I assume there are dozens of times like this I haven’t noticed.

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