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Arnold and gear


Anyone know at what age Arnold started using steroids? I was looking at his age 17 and age 19 pics and he made a huge jump between those two years. Just curious what the speculation is as to when he started.





Really? Those dosage must of been minuscule since he avoided roidgut (unlike the new mass monsters that have a six pack over their huge stomachs)


Yeah I believe he started as soon as he began training (15), and the fellas, especially "the doctor," took him under his "wing" at the gym.

But everyone was using oral steroids at the time.


I can tell OP will be popular around here.



Roidgut? That would be GH gut. Steroids dont grow your gut.


I LOL'd @ roidgut


Don't know if it's true or not but read that he started juicing basically when he started training. Around 15 or 16.


"roidgut" popular term in bodybuilding through the 80's and early 90's used to describe abdominal distension in larger bodybuilders before the widespread use of gh.

In other words, blaming abdominal distention in all forms on either "roidz" or gh is incorrect. Some people are just made that way. Some people are that way from massive amounts of drugs. Some people won't maintain a teeny tiny waist if they are squatting 650 and benching over 500lbs....so leave the accusations and the poor understanding to those who are more trained.


Lol I missed "roidgut."




so pretty...



Ah. Gotcha. Was not sure about the specifics of that. The term get's tossed around freely in my gym.
Thanks for the heads up!


I heard he's natty.

Hey OP u jucin?? Ur head is lookin swoled up


Classic case of 'roid-noggin'


Yeah, definitely have to get off the juice! My brain is getting a bit too jacked.


Correction: your brain is getting too jacked and tan


ha! roid-noggin


LOL, roid noggin is funny. Does that go away when they stop using?

What's even funnier is a roid face attached to a roid gelled spiked hair. Anyone ever notice how a lot of steroid users have gelled spiked hair? Then again, steroids may just appeal to people who already have gelled, spiked hair, and all they need to achieve maximum coolness is muscle.

By roid face I mean that funny looking smile from all of the xtra hormones.