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Arnie's Powerlifting History



An interesting read of Arnold's competitive powerlifting history during 1963-1968

After his last competition his numbers were:

Deadlift: 310kg (roughly 680lb)
Squat: 210kg (460lb)
Bench: 200kg (440lb)
This won him 1st place as German Powerlifting Champion in 1968 (80+kg)


how old was he?




720kg/1600lb makes an elite level total then?


Funny that his DL was his best lift, but you never really see him DLing.


I've read in an interview that he claimed his best ever bench was 550


On topic: interesting link, I had no idea Arnold was that accomplished as a powerlifter/Olympic weightlifter.


322kg his best dead i believe


Where did that even come from?

Somebodys mad