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Arnie and Maria Shriver Separating


Schwarzenegger and Shriver have been married 25 years, it seems they've been separated for a few weeks now. Very sad.


Pretty gossipy for T-Mag, but it's Arnold news, so it seems relevant to our interests


If this is true, he is such a douche bag I don't blame her. Don't get it twisted, he is NOTHING like the movie heroes he plays.


I wonder if they'll be writing her out of "The Govenator" cartoon? Honestly, this doesn't surprise me much now that his political career is over.


This is sad, what with her slowly getting the same face as him after all this time.




You're on a roll this morning old timer!


This. Arnold calculates everything. This marriage was just another move he had to make to get where he wanted to be.


And history repeats itself.


Wait this is news to me, why do you guys all think Arnie is a douchebag? We all know that Pumping Iron movie stuff was made up. So were are you getting this "Douchebagness" from about Arnold?




Well, besides really tanking the economy here in Cali and capitulating to the unions (which he said he wouldn't) what really makes him a douchebag, in my opinion, is this:

He has a political friend whose son murdered someone, got convicted and sentenced to 15 yrs in prison. One of last things he did in office was reduce this guy's sentence to 7 yrs, self-admittedly because "that's what friends do for each other" or something to that effect.

If that was your son that got killed, I think you'd being calling him something much worse than a douchebag!


Agreed....plus, there are no real Hollywood marriages.

Hell, I am waiting for the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett separation because they are about the only ones to dodge that bullet this long.


Don't hate the playa, hate the game.


Wow you guys really think the marriage was a sham?

25+ years of marriage and kids would have me believing it was just a marriage that went south. The only thing I can see is they slightly delayed their divorce until Arnold's political career ended.


lol @ making a direct quote and then saying "or something to that effect"


Why? So you can move in and put the moves on Jada? lol


I don't see that happening.

I admire him a lot - and part of that reason is because he remains out of the Hollywood spotlight and keeps his shit private. He's one of the few.


Dude, I've been in love with her since A Different World.


It's a true quote that I made up.


Too bad you don't like Tatiana Ali? She lives in my townhouse complex, she may be in the hunt, for a jacked dentist.