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Army Training


My name is Zach and I leave for basic training in the army on july 7th at fort benning georgia and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on training to get ready for my basic training in the next 3 months, i weigh 180lbs and have a steady workout of


and thats about it so yeah if you could help thanks


Bodyweight calisthenics and running!

For the majority of people the running is the hardest part. Do a lot of running to get your legs ready.

Center your workout around the following exercises.

Dumbell rows


run. both distance and sprinting. maybe work in some intervals.

Best of luck.


Don't forget overhead arm claps and practice holding your arms out palms facing the sky, this is a favorite of the bastard drill sgts to make you hold for long periods of time. Military press will help a lot too. Maybe load up a backpack as heavy as possible and practice holding it above your head for a couple mile walk, might not happen to you but when i was in basic we had to road march about 5 miles for a whole week with a 40lb ruck sack over our head, blew nuts thats for sure. Practice your flutter kicks. THen you should be good.


Try to think of the 5 worst body weight exercises imaginable, ones that you can barely do for 5 or 10 minutes straight, then train to do them for over an hour, with no rest, no liquid breaks and on very little sleep.

If you are a smart ass, like I was in boot camp, train to do them for even longer.

In my opinion, the most important thing to remember about boot camp (probably for any branch of service) is that it is all one big mind game. The whole purpose of boot camp is to break you down and teach you how to be a functional part of a team. Remembering that these guys (Drill instructors etc..) get paid to screw with you for 17 + hours a day will help keep your sanity in check.

After that it?s all just mind over matter, as in, it doesn?t matter if you mind, nothing you say matters.


If you don't run every day, start now.


Do pushups everday and situps everyday!! they don't care about a training regime they take you to failure everyday on every body part!


Army Basic these days is pretty much a joke. It is designed so the average person, male and female, can pass with no previous training. The Drill Sergeants are encouraged to have a high pass rate, so those who should not pass still do.

If you are in decent shape, it should not be a problem. If you are in great shape, you actually may lose some conditioning. But remember, the better prepared for it you are, the better you will do and the easier it will be.

The above posts are right on. Running, marching with a load and bodyweight exercises are what you will see. The army is much more concerned about endurance than it is strength.

I hate to say it, but your current program looks pretty bad for your goals. It looks like a routine geared towards bodybuilding, and that won't get you far. You don't want or need mass for basic, just conditioning.

I am not saying that weights have no place in preparation, just not the way you are approaching it.

Drop the body part splits. If you choose to lift weights versus body weight, do three days a week, full body routines. Squat, Deadlift, Rows, Presses should be the bulk of your lifting, mixed with varitions of pushups, situps, and pullups. With weights, keep the reps higher, 10-20, with minimal rest between sets and excercises.

For prehab, or injury prevention, work on strengthening your core. Back pain plagues soldiers. Also, do spend a little time searching 'shin splints' and you will find some excercises to do to strengthen that area. Shin splints is one of the more common injuries I see.

If you are leaving in July, you have plenty of time to prepare. Don't rush it and overextend or injure yourself. Slow and steady wins the race. Stay consistant and committed. Good luck, feel free to post on this thread or PM me with more questions.

P.S. stay away from steroids and pro hormones. Any gains you might have will soon be lost. What could be worse than rebounding during basic? You didn't ask, but it comes up enough that I thought I'd mention it.



Its a hot MF at Benning in July. I went thru there around the same time.

You need to run, do pushups, and situps. THAT IS IT!

If you do those 3 things you will be way ahead of the others.

Good Luck at Sand Hill!



thanks all i do run alot thanks to track and i do alot of speed to my legs are honestly my strongest part of my body by far thanks again


Make sure to look up the army PT standards too(APFT).Just google it.Give yourself a PT test once a month before going.