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Army Sniper School Instructor


Had the sniper instructor from the 5th Special Forces come to my (military) school to give us a brief overview of the tactical use of snipers and how to employ them. Got to shoot a lot of cool shit as well. M-14, SPR, FN FAL, M-24, and the army's 'designated marksman weapon'. all in all, a pretty cool day.


That does sound like a cool fucking day.








Cool beans, can't beat some trigger time on someone else's dime/;-D...From my back channels though, I'm hearing a lot of our snipers and designated marksmen are being jacked around by dipshit CO's with no clue in their proper employment, with stupid "add-on" rules of engagement, in overseas combat zones...Some things never change (Dud Officers & Vietnam Syndrome), there is no excuse for it either...


you had some people come into your SCHOOL and show you all how to shoot guns?
I might be being a bit of a sceptic but isn't that giving the wronge message out to the pupils?
i can imagin it now...

'the trick is to go into the school during a change over of classes, make your way the most crowded hallway and mercilacly shoot everyone in sight making sure to get the guy who picked on you in the head, and the head teacher if you can find him. When shooting yourself make sure the bullet goes though the back of your head, frontal lobe injeries don't alway kill. Oh, and don't forget to post some militant looking video on youtube saying how the world is against you and they will pay for their insolence'


lol, MILITARY school, i commission in dec as a 2nd LT in the army


What better place than SCHOOL to learn responsible gun use? When I was a kid, the janitor of my junior high was an olympic marksman. He taught us pupils all about gun control (sight alignment, sight picture, trigger squeeze ...).


You hit the nail right on the head. The purpose of the class was to combat that exact situation encountered on the battlefield.

Then again, he was telling us some war stories about proper emplacement of sniper teams, and how they can act as a force multiplier, makes me almost wanna resign my commission and go enlisted to get a shot at that school.


Sounds like a lot of fun. What did you think of the SPR? I like that rifle.


Joking aside, do people really need to know how to use a gun? I'm 28 and not only have i never shot a gun, i've never even seen one and i've got through life just fine.


Combat sniping is a fascinating subject.

And congrats, Liquid, on your upcoming commission.


Lack of skill isn't something to brag about. A well rounded man should be able to shoot, fish, cook, sew, repair an auto, pitch a tent, paddle a boat, earn a living, change a diaper...


i can cook meat and wank, that well prepared where i come from.


seriously though i doubt that i'll ever have the need to shoot anything because we have supermarkets nowadays and i'd rather just eat the animals and not get my hands dirty with the whole killing and butchering thing. as for fishing i find that mind numbing. i can cook quite well thanks. theres no way i'm doing and cross stitch picture of two teddy bears in a love heart no matter how manly it makes me. i don't own a car so being able to fix one would be pointless (but i do know my way around one). the only tent i pitch is in my bed sheets each morning. I'm sure given the equipment i'd be able to figure out how to paddle a boat (eventually). My second tick is next to earn a living, been doing that quite well without a gun so far. As for change a nappy, i'm sure one day i'll learn that, but i'm pretty sure i wont need a gun for it.
My point, no city dweller has any need for a gun, no way, ever, not even for protection, if someone robs you with a gun you give them your shit, you don't get your gun out and have a big shooting feast, its not worth the risk.


Two of my favorite things. Just don't get them confused.


Your choice but you are missing out. An afternoon at the range is one of lifes pleasures. I have shot with ardent anti-gunners that had a great time.

I am soooo glad I don't live in a city. Fun to visit but no place to live.


thanks for the advice.


Does that mean you live out in the wilderness, think i'd like it for a day or two but as you've probably guessed the closest i get to the great outdoors is a Ray Mears repeat on discovery.
The point you make is valid, i've got no problem with someone shooting in a range for fun, but you should be able to hire a gun for that day, why have one at home that you only use in a range?
Shooting for fun in a safe environment is fine, but teaching kids to shoot at school gives the wronge message and having a gun in your house is an obituary entry waiting to happen.