Army Ranger

Im getting ready to Cross into the Green within the next Year and trying out for Ranger school. Ive been prepping myself for everything except to water portion of the test. You have to swim about 15 meters with all your gear(BDU, Boots, Ruck Sack(55-65lbs), LBE, and Rifle) and show no sign of struggle.

Does anyone know any kind of techniques I should try out in a pool or out of the pool?

Are there any Rangers on this site?

Help me out guys, appreciate it!!!

Utilize the side stroke technique while keeping your hand holding the weapon out of the water.

[quote]sterlrock wrote:
Utilize the side stroke technique while keeping your hand holding the weapon out of the water.[/quote]

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to swim. If you consider yourself a decent swimmer, I wouldn’t sweat the test. That being said, feel free to add swimming to your workouts. It’s a great workout, and who knows, you might end up going to scuba school down the road, or accidently wind up in water during training or combat.

Also, I think you are a little confused about Ranger School - are you already in the Army? If so, nevermind.

I don’t know about Ranger School, but I have done WSQ (water survivial qualification) as a Marine and I have played in the pool as a soldier.
I second the side stroke, although it may not be the fastest stroke, it is simple and conserves much needed energy.
I you can’t swim well, than worry. If you are a decent swimmer, this shouldn’t be to difficult. Brush up on your strokes, practice swimming while clothed, and make sure your endurance is where it needs to be.
Something I have done a few times is diving for bricks. The instructors seem to love to do this to you.

Get out the Yellow pages and find a local Swim school. Tell them want you want to do. They usually will let you sign up for a short 6 week program. They will have you fixed up in no time. This is a very important test so it’s good your not taking it lightly. Nothing will stand out worst then Coughing/Choking/Drowning while doing this.

Having been to Ranger School, I can tell you that the Combat Water Survival test isn’t that difficult. They’ll smoke you a bit before hand which will cause you to begin the test fatigued. As far as the 15 meter swim, the side stroke is definitely the best. Keep the top of your head pointed in the direction you are going with your ear in the water. Definitely practice the under water equipment removal station, as this will get the best swimmer if he isn’t experienced at it. However, if you are not currently in the Army yet it will be atleast two years after you join before you go to Ranger School and you’ll go through a Pre Ranger Course that will prepare you. WORK ON ENDURANCE YOU’LL NEED IT!!! Good Luck!

[quote]Anabolic_AZN wrote:
…trying out for Ranger school.

Are there any Rangers on this site?

Help me out guys, appreciate it!!![/quote]

If you’re just “trying out” you are in the wrong profession. You either want, or don’t want, to be a Ranger. If you are thinking its a try out, go to a drama school.

Anyway, the side stroke and other advice provided by those before are on target and get yourself a lot of endurance training.

If youre wanting to be a Ranger, dont carry anymore body weight then you need to. Usually the big guys did not do too well. As the real skinny guys didnt either. Seemed like the in-between guys did the best and suffered the least. You will want to go in lean not packed with muscle. Work a lot on endurance in everything. Eat well rounded - generic meals. You dont want to be dependant on large amounts of protien or carbs.
I think youre in for a real eye-opener, good luck to .ya