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Army MOH nominee a Marine


(I admit this is a troll job, but it's going to be fun to watch the fallout.)

Apparently, a Marine needs to join the army in order to find himself in a sufficiently fucked up situation to earn an MOH. I suppose that there's at least some advantage to being around inferior warfighters. I mean shit, even our pogues are setting the example for you.



From gyrene pogue to Army track grease (the affectionate epithet for Cav Scouts amongst the tankers). What a step.


So how does that work in Marine eschatology? When he dies,will he be gazing on heaven's scenes, or guarding the streets?


As an aside, Mike, don't suppose you and he were in Okinawa at the same time?




The citation is much better




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Damn, I'm glad there are people like that in the world.


Concur. My comment was referring to the attempt at unnecessary inter-service shit-stirring from the OP.


You fuckers are no fun. And I'm apparently not very good at being a troll. But truly, I haven't seen Headhunter around. Someone has to pick up the slack for him.


I think guys like that skip firewatch in heaven and go straight to the mead halls before advanced training.


Headhunter, it seems, was attacked in a synogogue by an angry mob of elderly dreadlocked antisemitic albino Methodists who were incensed at his recent conversion to Judaism. He fought them off with a dredel, a silver menorah and some awesome Taekwon-do kicks. He won't be posting again until after Yom Kippur. Or something like that.