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Army/Marines Near Dulles Airport Virginia



We are helping out the Dullesday Plane pull this year with a Military Humvee Pull. All proceeds will go to the Virginia chapter of the Special Olympics. WE want to have 4 man teams in a race to pull a Military Class Humvee 60 yards each $20.00 a man $80 bucks a team.

We already have motivated people that are apart of the plane pull and have volunteered to help with the Humvee pull but we need more. AND We also need some Humvees. If you can help me out with this myself and the Virginia Chapter of the Special Olympics would greatly appreciate your efforts.

It would be fantastic if we could also muster up enough support to have multiple military teams so we can have a friendly "MILITARY CHALLENGE".

The event will be covered by both Radio and TV News crews.


do you have to be military to do this? and when is it? i havent been in the plane pull but someone mentioned trying to get a group together...


NO ITS OPEN TO EVERYONE. The Dulles Plane pull is open event My team is the SilverBacks. But the Humvee pull (or at least I hope its a humvee) is a side event on the same day. I'm talking to some people that may help us out with that and if that falls thru we will think of something else but we will have a humvee/hummer/truck pull of some kind with 4 man teams competing for fastest time.

I did this a couple times in Hawaii its cool time for everyone.


Sorry about that brotha. Its on 03 Oct 2009 dulles airport.


ok. I dont know if I can get a big enough group for the plane pull, but I could probably scavenge up enough for the truck pull.

plus I am bumping this.


The Plane pull is still on But due to lack of participation I may have to call off the Humvee pull.