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Army GED


Im 17, and dropped out of high school last year. I wanna join the Army though, I understand I can get a GED through them, has anyone done this?


Lol, you're on the wrong forum. Go to some Army forum...also, just take the damn ged. If you know fractions, and arithmetic, and have a knowledge of the English language you'll pass.


I did hometown recruiting duty for the marines and went to meps alot. The answer to your question is yes. ged's are acceptable.


When was this 3 years ago? The Marine Corps doesn't like to take GED's anymore, and you'll require a waiver which can be impossible to get depending on the officer of your district. Your best bet is to go to the recruiting station tomorrow and ask them about it. But I wouldn't advise taking the test prior to asking them, in which case they tell you no, and then your screwed.


Yes you can get in with a GED.


Off topic, but what a sweet name.



Here u go. lots of info on that site


go talk to a recruiter and get all your questions answered.

When you take the ASVB one of the key areas that determine which jobs you are eligible for is the GT score (General Technical) it is a combination of math and reading comprehension. So if you can do math quickly and read something, understand it then you are fine. You can expect a lot of word problems.

The Army will not help you get a GED other than provide you with motivation so you can join. You will have to get it yourself.


I was the Mep's Biatch for 90 days, back in 02'. The army and navy both accept GED's (is what I meant, the marines don't waive shit lol. "If your busted join the army" is what I told a whol shit ton of people.


yes but hes asking if you can go get signed up for the army and then the army send you to testing
instead of you going out getting the ged then enlisting

I think lol


They used to do it, I'm not sure what they do now.