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Army Drug Test and Steroids?


hello to all
can anyone help with any info and the process for the follownig -
I toke d-bol and asked to be cdt the result came back possive a few weeks later ,
Im still currently attached to a different unit in the uk , my unit is in germany and refuse to go back .

It has now been 3 months since i got the results back and no one seems to know anything , i have told them i dont want to stay in , im definetly getting discarged .
So can anyone tell me the process and time limit on a steroid discharge , and is anything i can do , do i have any right s lol ?


you would think they would wan't you to be "all you can be", haha sorry I had to. thats bs though, in my opinion unless its a narcotic u should be able to.


Steroids are a controlled substance and you can get kicked out for them. You should be NJP'd and then offered to take drug counseling if you wish to remain in. To get out you have to refuse counseling. You then will be discharged, most likely with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. I can give you more detail about it if you want. Send me a PM if you'd like, I've had some experience in this.


a typical random army drug test does not test for steroids. If your test came back positive it was for something else. Unless they sent you for a steroid test because they suspected you of it.


Are you American or British armed forces? Confused.

From what you posted you asked to be tested so you could get kicked out, and now you want an honorable discharge? Am I "tracking?"

And no you have no rights. You should know that by now.


This is my first post here, been in the military for over 5 years.

US military drug tests DO NOT test for steroids. A typical military drug tests costs about $2. A steroid test is about $250. Because of this reason, they will only test you for steroids if they suspect you are using them, and if they want to burn you. It's obvious a lot of guys use gear in the military, just don't be open about it.

This came from my unit's substance abuse control officer this past week. Legit info.


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