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Army Boot Camp Prep


As far as training goes, does anyone have recommendations on the types of workouts to prepare for Army boot camp. I currently train in crossfit with a bunch of Marines who swear that crossfit will get you ready. But I was wondering if there are any specific exercises that I will need to be very good at (other than running obviously). Any advice or direction is appreciated!


Check out militaryathlete.com's free squad PT and Operator sessions-similar to crossfit just far more structured and they usually last a bit longer aswell.


Crossfit will be great. Also make sure your good at bodyweight movements, you'll be doing push ups and pull ups a lot.


What MOS?

Crossfit/Military Athlete are good programs, but you'll be doing more running than they prescribe. I strongly suggest you jump on those AFTER basic combat training.

30/60s (30 seconds of sprinting, followed by 60 seconds of walking) and 60/120's to start with; iterations of 6-8-10. Work on your two mile run for time- after a heavy upper body workout. Pushups, situps, pullups, planks, body squats, lunges are where you should focus.

PM me and I will send you the Military Athlete APFT six week program, if you like.

Good luck.


Unfortunately for boot camp, get ready for Alot of running, up hills, down hills, full stomach, sprints and alot of 2mile runs coming up.

And alot of pushups, if you can do around 80-100 pushups on your pt test you should be one of the studs at basic. Youll do alot of calesthetics such as pushups, power jumps, somethings that you have to make up names. Just keept up with it during your two weeks at reception Batt, and you should be fine...


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I will not be assigned an MOS. I am going into OCS with the Army National Guard. The ARNG requires that all civilian-to-officer candidates first complete Army Basic Training. Once US Army Basic Training is complete I will return to complete State OCS.


You do that pussy shit to train for the military? wow you need to man up.


Hooah. Shipping March 19th for Ft Leonard Wood, 12B: Combat Engineers. Good luck brother.


I just completed basic training about 9 months ago. RUN, RUN, AND RUN! Muscle Endurance is the second thing that will help. They make you run every where as well as three running days a week. The new PRT is a joke you do in the morning but the Drill Sergeants know a slew of body weight exercises and have all days to unleash them on you. This is where muscle endurance will help. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

BACK 211 is right if you can do 80 pushups youll be a stud and get ready to run on a very full stomach. I ate more than I ever ate and at every meal i was still hungry for each meal. That was the hardest thing for me physically to get used to.

Trael good luck at Fort Lost in the Woods Misery. Thats where I went.



Honestly, just do anything to get in decent shape and get used to body weight exercises. Basic really isn't that hard physically. As long as you can shut up and do what you are told the physical part won't be an issue. The one thing I did need to work on when I got there was rope climbs, make sure you at least know the basic technique to climb one.


They don't really expect you to know straight away though.


Thanks bud. On the 222 I did about 90 pushups in 100 seconds, 60 some crunches in the two minutes, and the two miles in right over 15minutes. I have since gained a bit of weight due to bulking, but will start running and doing sprints soon to up my cardio. What's your MOS and what did you think of the hellhole I hear is Leonard Wood otherwise?


You should have no problem with basic physically it sounds like. I am 92Y supply and Logistics. I think my barracks wil be right next to yours. If you get the old ones which I think Combat engineers get they suck so bad. Ft. Leonard Wood is real spread out. They food is real bland. They weather is the hardest thing though. I got there and it snowed the first day a week later when i got my weapon i was sunburned, few days later it was cold as balls again. This continued through out my time. Combat engineers are OSUT so you will have more freedom as you move on than i ever did. I heard rumors of different companies being better for the AIT portion than others so it depends but there really isnt much to do when i had my one day to leave the baracks at the end.


I'm not too incredibly worried about it, but the run was hard and although this may sound cocky, I want to be "that guy" in basic that maxes out the PT test. And I'm not too worried about the weather, I grew up in Western New York and am comfortable in a T-shirt in 45 degree weather, I'm odd like that. Thank you for the advice though man, Ft Leonard Wood is going to be a shit place, lol

Edit-And if you see a Recruit named Wasik, don't be afraid to holla at a fellow T-Nation member :slightly_smiling:


Good luck buddy. I suck at cold weather so i froze my ass off lol.