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Army and Blood Work

I have been reading here in the forums how Test, free test and estrogen levels effect more than just muscle building.

I am deployed at the moment in “Europe” with the Army and I happened to be in our hospital today and speaking with one of the docs. I casually inquired about what kind of blood work I could get done here.

She stared at me for a minute and then I attempted an explanation. I am a weightlifter and I’m interested to see what my Blood/lipid profile is and stuff like Hormones…you know estrogen test, free test, stuff like that. I want to see if my 300lb squats are helping me out."

Well, she goes out and confers with the blood draw doc and he checks to see what they can run. Anyway, they are going to draw Monday and have it shipped to Germany. They would have done it today except they don’t know what vials and quantities to take. They were weird-out by it I think.

I’m curious to find out where my T levels are at.

I was back in the hospital again today getting my mandatory FLU shot. The doc who does blood draws walked by the reception area and asked me causally if I was coming in on Monday to get my blood work done. Much more casual expression on his face today vs a few days ago when I was inquiring about getting the test done.

I have now come to believe the original looks of doubt were due to the fact that most people in the military don’t know about or ask for tests concerning their health in general. Usually military questions concern “Is this contagious?” or “Should this be green?” “Can I get penicillin for this?”
Until Monday -ondblatt

Blood taken yesterday by a hot nurse. They took 1 vial and its on its way to Germany. Results back in 2 weeks.

until then!

Results are back:

Estradiol <20 pg/mL
Range: 20-75 pg/mL

Testosterone: 331
Range: 175-781 ng/dL

This was all that was on the sheet. I guess you have to ask for Free test specifically to get that reading done?

The Estradiol level reading bugs me. it doesnt say what the level is, just that it is less than 20 which could mean 1 or 19.

Any comments about my levels would be great.