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Armwrestler from Russia


this guy is fuckin huge... 60cm upper arms, 57cm forearms... huge


He's like a bear... dam he's huge!


I'd like to know what some of his lifts are. Monstrous.


that guys hella big.


6'1" 308 lbs
23.5" arms 22.5" forearms


Anyone else think that he looked surprisingly like MattDamon at 00:38?


Here's a (poorly?) translated version of his website: http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=&hl=sv&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ciplenkov.ru&sl=ru&tl=en

I just noticed, his last name is translated as chicken, that's the last thing I'd call him.


What most amazed me was how fast he got rocked by John Brzenk.

I mean, based off the video this is a guy who has an incredible amount of strength....and in a related video Brzenk put him down in about five seconds.

Arm wrestlers rule. We need more of those guys around here.


Denis wants a rematch now from what I've read. Don't know that's going to happen.

It's funny how small Denis makes John look, even though John's pretty damn big.


I don't know anything about arm wrestling, but I think that guy is better with his left hand. The results show he placed 1st in the left and 2nd to Brzenk in the right. I don't know. Does that make a difference if he's a lefty? Do they do something like combine your right and left hand scores?


damn, he got a nice set of hyoooge guns


Apparently his bench is 270 kg, and he's a converted strongman to arm-wrestler. I think he's a lefty, and apparently his left arm is much stronger than his right.


Too bad you posted this, I was going to post "What the fuck is a centimeter?"




Yeah actually he kinda looks like him.

Only about 4 times as big.

His forearms are massive. Hes like a fucking bear.


2 separate comps. Soem guys only pull one arm, some do both.


LOL---I just started training for AW a few months ago. All of the top armwrestlers are bad ass.

Brzenk is the man.

One of my training partners is 3rd int he world left--he went up against Denis a few months ago in Poland, and lost.


Damn Russians need to get with the times! :slight_smile: And he looks like the incredible hulk, unreal...




Ya I was going to comment on how huge his hands looked in some of those clips, like big ass bear paws, which goes well with his giant fucking arms.