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Armstrong Tests 'Fully Consistent' w/ Doping?

Just saw this apologies if it’s old news:
Any idea what they mean when they say ‘The agency said in a letter to Armstrong that it has blood samples from 2009 and 2010 that are “fully consistent” with doping.’?

Most likely an abnormal T/E ratio or the presence of EPO.

[quote]Dr. Pangloss wrote:
Most likely an abnormal T/E ratio or the presence of EPO.[/quote]

That is the usual culprits, but it doesn’t make sense after 2-3 years. Its not like these tests are new age and shit. THey existed when the samples were taken, so why did they not find it then?

Usually when you see this kinda stuff, it is because a new method of detection has came along that wasn’t previously available. That’s why the Olympics hold your samples for (I think) 8 years.

I’d be really curious to see the actual allegations.

I really hope the Cycling Union, or whatever it is, steps in on his behalf. I think the USADA is a bunch of crooks and charlatans (note that doesn’t mean I think Lance is innocent).