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Arms Workout, Need Help


this one is my first post "about me" on T-nation.

i would like to have some help for my arms workout.

Biceps and triceps are my really nightmare...

here is some info about me:
bench press 264.5 (4 reps)
squat 440 (2 reps)
deadlift (sumo style) 309 (6reps)

i'm 5.7 tall and weight 202lb (about 17%-18%.. not sure...)

i'm training 5days/week..

i'm quite happy of my overall results (not so happy of deadlift and bench.. im working on..) but my "really" nightmare are the biceps...

my workout is the following (series x reps)
curl (ez barebell) 4x4-6-8-10
hummer curl (dumbells) 3x10
curl on scotty bench 3x10

sometimes i do glose grip chin ups instead of hummer curl...

by now i have a small 15.7 inch arm :frowning:

if you need other details just ask :wink:


If you want to see some size on your bi's and tri's you have to realize the need to specialize! (see I can rap...oh forget it).

Try this:

Close Grip Chins-4 sets, one or two short of failure.

Lying Tricep Extensions also known as skull crushers-4 sets. Sets should be 12-10-8-8.

By the way, what part of Italy are you from?



i see the article on specialization.
but i think i'm to "young on training life" to specialize.. im training since jan 2003

as 1st excercize? i'll do

it's mine primary excercize for triceps.
(with close grip bench press)

North west, not so far from Milan...


CADAV, the above is good advise, I would drop the elbow extensor work and go compound, CG presses are good and don't do 3 different exercises in one workout, pick one for bi's and one for tri's, work them good for 3 weeks and then change, not just the exercise but also the rep/set structure...


Quite a big diff there between your dead & squat - hard to tell given your diff reps though - how many deads can you do for 2? Or squats for 6? Do you full squat?

Btw - I am intrigued by the "hummer curl" :slightly_smiling: Can it be done solo or do you need a spotter for that one?


what do you mean for full squat? "ass to the grass" style?
i squat at PL regular squat, ie parallel to the ground. however i have an "old" injuries at the right knee so i cant squat harder as i like.. before injuries i have hit 460lbs on 3 reps

i really dont remember how much i can lift on 6 squat reps... may be somethinh around 370lbs

do you think my deadlift are light? here the big problem are the hands... i cant dead lift what i cant take in hand :slight_smile:

im working on grip but need time to really improve. my next target is to try 1RM soon... i hope to hit 440lbs for the end of 2005... also my bench need improvement

alone... what does intrigue you? :slight_smile:
LOL.. im not using (yet) an hummer-car :stuck_out_tongue:


You might like to try Dave Tate's Big Bad Bench program. Find it here


Nothing obviously wrong with what you've revealed here...might be related to set/rep protocols. can you provide any info about that?


my bad english hits again :slightly_smiling:

thanks to a friend i understand your "feeling"...

i mean hammer curl :stuck_out_tongue:


here the info...

usually i work with that scheme:
first excercize:
4 series
4-6-8-10 or 6-8-10-12 reps

2nd one:
3x10 (series x reps) or 3x8

2 series for max reps

usually i try to use as much weight as i can.

however biceps are'nt my stronger muscle.. i usually get 6 reps with 110lbs (barbell curl)

if you need other info ask :slight_smile: