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Arms Won't Grow

 I don't understand why my arms dont get big. Im bulking now and Im almost 83 kg and it's all going to my butt and legs but my arms are sord of the same specially my bicep's. I nearly tried every thing from working out twice a week and once and from 4 exerc to 3. Some of u might say that Im overtraining well I stoped playin twice a week but still the same. It is ok with me if I gained fat in mm hands to make them look a bit bigger but I coulden't?

my arms are about 12.38


"Perfect 10" by Chad Waterbury for biceps & triceps, should do the job!


12.38 inches? Your main problem seems to be lack of nutrition. My suggestion is to start eating more, ive heard that to gain an inch on your arms it takes around 10-15 pounds you have to put on first. Not sure how accurate that is but it seems to be about right.


Give us some more stats. What are some of your lifts and how have they changed since you've been focusing on your arms.


The bigger your legs and back get, the bigger you arms will get in an effort to keep up. Deadlift and squat and put some more mass on your frame.

(no eye rolling please) In between some RDLs a client of mine was doing, I was hanging my arms on the chin bar in the rack. I could tell he was looking at my arms. He stopped our workout and said "Your arms are fucking huge!". I don't think that is accurate but I appreciated it. The thing is I don't train arms directly at all. I have not done more than 3-4 sets of curls in well over a year. When I did, I was testing out an old wrist injury so it wasn't very heavy or intense.

Try doing chins and rows as if your life depended on it and supplementing those with close-grip benches, dips and military presses for 6 months and see what happens.


Maybe in more extreme situations like 18'' and more. But newbie with 12.x''arms, I think they can grow a lot, just need's good diet and traing.


i'm with derek on this one. here's a routine by don alessi called "booming biceps". note how there's no arm work. especially take note of the article's very first line.



I used to train arms directly 4-5 years ago and they didn't grow too much. When I went to the powerlifting style of trianing and threw in explosive olympic lifts to round it all out, my arms really got some growth going on! The powerlifter style of training the bench press really puts a lot of demand on the triceps, shoulders, and delts. Deadlifts, power cleans, and pull-ups really tax the biceps. You don't need to do bicep curls when you do all that. I've added much size and quality to my arms overall, and it was all a side-effect to my attempts to make them strong enough to deadlift and bench press.


There are balance issues as well... your arms just won't grow (very much) if there are related weak links or neglected muscles.


Make sure ya go heavy. I know thats used alot on this board but I always see people do like 3 sets of 15 F'n concentration curls, which I don't think is the best way to train them.

Maybe try a 5x5 approach and go as heavy as you can,just don't go to failure untill the last set. I've always had good luck with extended fives as well.


Just curious, how much do you squat and deadlift?

Increase those, your arm size will increase too. As an echo of what everyone else said, it's true. Also, you might wanna search for Cosgrove's article (I think it was his first... fuckit, here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=746517
) which basically said that if your supporting muscles are weak, your arms will be small.


You're the same poster who asked if taking supplements was necessary.

How old are you?

How long have you been lifting?

Do you lift?

Does your tape measure really have a 12.38 mark on it? Really??


How much weight do you bench? How much weight do you row? How much extra weight do you add to your chin-ups?

If you are using heavy-ass weight on these exercises, then you don't need a lot of isolation work. Curls should be a finisher for your arms, not the whole program.


I agree with everyone else that said don't train arms directly. I have decent sized arms for a 175lb guy and I don't spend much time on them ever. Lots of deads, pulls, presses, dips, will build arms without doing a bunch of sissy excercises.


want some guns!

start chinning and dipping
push ups and pull ups daily will build them up

direct arm work is for sissy's


I think regardless of what exercises you use to bring up your biceps, you should increase the frequency. Did I miss something or did you say you train twice a week?

When my cousin started working out he did 10x10 every day for a month (every single day), and then every second day for another month. He added a LOT of size to his arms, and he had no real knowledge of proper nutrition until now - he just ate a lot naturally.


What are your bench, military press, dips, rows and chins numbers like?


First sorry for being late.

Im 18 years old
ben playin for 9 to 7 mounths
squat: about 70 kilg to 80(4reps - 6 to 8 sets)

bench:70 kilg
deadlifts: I din't really do them. I used the machine that is the same as dead lift (don't know what the name of it).
din't use chins. I also did them with the machine)

my legs are the biggest parts in my body and my heaviest weights are on them.
I always train my bicep's after chest exer for example, I start with stright bar 4 reps the first one for worming up (first rep 15 kilg for 8 sets then 20 kilg for 6 sets then 21 kilg for 6 sets sometimes I put 30 kig but for only 4 sets then continue with less weight).

The sec excr is dumbbels my heaviest weight is 17.5 I use the same as the stright bar. My last excr is curls.
I usualy change every week Im train them twice and stright after chest. I injured them once because of the heavy weights because of my fucking coach advice that my bicep's are not growin.


Chins and rows numbers? You can't expect good arm size when you can't even bench your bodyweight


Please tell me you're joking. Deadlifts on a machine!? Go do the real thing man. Same goes for chins. I'm not much weaker then you and I'm much, much lighter then you. Do more deadlifts properly man (and yes, I'm very, very skinny flame away)