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Arms with WS4SB 3


I’ve been doing WS4SB 3 for the past two months. I’ve definitely noticed I’ve grown bigger in my chest and back, but not so much in my arms. I really like my current routine, especially its use of indicator exercises, and so far, I’ve been getting stronger across all my lifts including curling and tricep pushdowns. The problem is, my arms are not really growing.

I’ve been lifting for four years, and my arms have not gotten much bigger, mainly because I believed that “big exercises” like chin ups/benching would lead to big arms. Even after adding in arm exercises, AND sticking to them and getting stronger in them, I still don’t notice them getting bigger. It’s more like the rest of my body gets bigger and my arms stay the same size, so they look smaller. Should I train my biceps/triceps more like I train my bench, focusing on getting stronger in the 3-5 range while doing higher rep work?

Does anyone have any advice on arm training or tweaking the main lifts to focus more on the arms. For bench, I’m slowly narrowing my grip in.

As for stats,

175 lbs
Bench 245 x 3
Squat 295 x 3
Deadlift 405 x 1
EZ bar curl 85 3x12

On RE days Gradually crank up the volume on arm assistance focusing on chasing the pump eg scott tricep extensions 10x10 superset with hammer curls

also do the high rep bench/pressups with a closer grip