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Arms Specialization


My arms lags and I want to put emphasis on them. I don't want to train arms with other body parts because I don't have energy left after I trained a larger body part. I usually did it in the past and this is why I think my arms are lagging right now.

So I want to give them a specific day and also want to train them 2 times a week. I was thinking to this split:

D1: Chest (3 exercises)
D2: Back/Rear delts (5/1 exercises)
D3: Bi/Tri (2/2 exercises)
D4: Shoulders/Traps (5/1 exercices)
D5: Legs/Calves (3/1 exercises)
D6: Bi/Tri (2/2 exercises)
D7: Off

I train heavy, do many sets of low reps. My session would last 1 hour and I'm using the Anaconda protocol, recovery is pretty good on it.

Let me know what you think about it.


Seems fine to me. Try it and let us know how it works.

I recently started training arms on their own day as well.
I admit for years I hardly trained arms at all, and I'm sorry to have made that error.


The split looks ok, but it's too much overlap for my taste. I wouldn't train bicep the day after back, and I also wouldn't train triceps the day before shoulders (unless you don't press overhead).


Split looks solid. Some overlap is inevitable. Good luck.


Thanks for your input all


Yep, things overlap, but I'm still getting better arms workout training like this than right after a major bodypart in the same session.

For the shoulders, it's not optimal, but I'm still having a progression. I'm doing push press and press from pin. On the other hand, I have the feeling that having a little of triceps/biceps work almost every day is good thing if my recovery is fine.

I must say that without the Anaconda protocol, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to recover.



You'll be fine. 24 hours is plenty of time to recover between your back session and hitting biceps.


day 1 bi/tris (heavy)
day 2 quads/hams (low volume)
day 3 bi/tris (density)
day 4 off
day 5 bi/tri (volume)
day 6 chest/back (low volume)

thats what id do hope it helps


No traps, no shoulders/delts?


sorry last day would be back chest shoulders


We have not been created equal, I don't see how I could train chest/back/Shoulders in the same session and have a good workout. Except maybe if I do one exercise for each muscle group, but I do feel my body need more than 1 exercise, especially for those body parts like shoulders and back.


well if your specializing in your arms your volume for the rest of the body is going to be way lower you'd be fine. and youd only be doing this for a few weeks right