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Arms Pulled Out of Sockets

Im not that strong, only been lifting for several months, but have noticed nice results. Today I was doing seated cable rows with the max weight I could do for 10 reps (150lbs) and when my arms were extending, it felt like the weight was trying to pull my arms out of the socket, and there was some slight pain as well.

Is this a muscle imbalance? Or does this happen because I hyperextend? Should I do rotator cuff workouts?

Dont hyperextend!

Keep it [whatever exercise] under your control at all times, no silly excessive stretching mid movement just a proper full range of motion.

Check a book on exercise form (or check website www.exrx.net)

If you are worried about your shoulders get the checked by an expert.

what if I wasnt even hyperextending?

your probably not doing full range of motion and using proper form, that lift is very easy to cheat on. If you where it shouldn’t feel that way on your shoulders.

Try doing face pulls vs just generic cable pulls.

Dagnamnit, I was expecting a picture of your arms hanging off.