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Arms Program

Hey guys,

I’ve been working out for about a year now and its been really good for me. anyways my pecs are pretty good but they make my arms look small. so if you know any programs which will help please tell me
thank you

Hey- great question. Cor-if you PM me an email address for you I will send you compliments from Charles Staley “The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms (EDT)” for free-Julianne

Hey Julianne, sorry to bother you.
If possible could you please send me the Arms program as well. PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Staley has some good stuff!

I will give you two movements that are pure winners (in my book) for arm developement:

  1. Close girp Chins- Do four sets one or two short of failure.

  2. Lying Tricep Extensions- Try to bring the bar behind your head. Don’t use a lot of weight. Move slowly and cautiously with this one. Do four sets one or two short of failure.

Rest no more than :60 to :90 seconds between sets. Train the above three times per week. Give it 6 to 8 weeks!

If you do this program let me know how you do. PM me if you like.

Good Luck,


Try Ian King’s 12 week armprogram. Did it a while ago, gained 1.5 cm the first 5 weeks.
Don’t do the mistake I did. Don’t run it while doing heavy squat training. I got tendonitis in my right elbow ;-(

BUT, after 3 weeks rest me arms are still 1 cm bigger than before, 44,5 cm.

Try the program, it works.