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Arms Out Front Squats

Has anyone here tried these with any luck?

This is where you keep you arms extended in front of you (like Frankenstein) throughout the whole rep and let the bar balance itself. If you lean forward the bar rolls off, so it forces you to stay very upright. I can’t go quite as heavy but I notice a huge mind/muscle link to my quads.

I know you should stay as upright as possible during regular front or back squats but the fatigue generally makes me cave and I lean forward during the last few reps.

This forces you to keep form throught the whole set and the pump is intense.

I think Maraudermeat has some front squat videos where he has his hands out in front.


i do every sort of front squat known to man. i have vids of arms out as well. I don’t ever do front squat set over 6 reps with any sort of weight because of the rapid core fatigue. if one is looking for volume, i would just add more sets.

here’s some variations that i do-

full ROM front squat

front squat to box

front squat against bands, paused

bottoms up front squat off pins against bands

front squat paused at bottom

no hands front squat, paused

i bet you didn’t realize there were so many variations:)

Nice. MM, is there a weight or % when you start using wraps? /hijack

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:
Nice. MM, is there a weight or % when you start using wraps? /hijack[/quote]

i have four different stages of knee wrap usage. for back squats without a pause, i start wrapping at 405. i use a pair of glorified ace bandages and use a very light wrap. at 495 i tighten them down a bit. above 495 i go to a much thicker and longer knee wrap but i wrap those light. when i get to my heavy working sets i tork them down. depending on how heavy or if it’s a max single determines how tight i wrap them.

for front squats i usually start this whole series at 315 since the knees are placed stressed more than a back squat.

Marauder, That is some impressive strength! Thanks for posting.