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Arms Not Symmetrical

Today when i took this pic, i noticed that the two biceps are different. the right biceps is bigger then the left one.
is there a way that i can fix this problem??

Pretty much anybody who works out will have this problem… its natural. I really don’t see that big of a difference but if you want more balance I’d suggest doing unilateral movements when you do arms, and start with the left arm first, matching the reps w/your right.

For example if your doing alternate dumbell curls- start w/your left and when you can’t get that 7th or 8th rep up w/your left arm your set is done, don’t even attempt the next rep w/the right bc it’s stronger.

A few extra sets of left handed dumbbell curls would help although this is pretty normal.

You look better than most beginners around here.

Most people have the same issue.

Looking back, I would of just worked out my left bicep only.

I would emphasize the left triceps more than the biceps. You do have substantially better development in the whole right arm as compared to the left. Again, this is not uncommon. Just do a little extra work on the left arm like you would to bring up any lagging body part.

Another simple trick: Train yourself to carry things with your left arm as much as possible. You likely created the imbalance by always using your dominant arm, just try to reverse that for a while.

BTW, you are looking quite solid for a beginner. Keep up the good work.

It is NOT just your bicep, every part of your right arm is bigger. Tricep, forearms, the lot.

If you do dumbell work one arm at a time, I’d recommend doing your left arm first. Also, maybe do more work for your left arm. Maybe one set more or something.

Or do two handed work with a barbell, then do dumbell work after only for your left arm.

It is not that big a deal though.

thanks guys for the your help…
i think i’ll apply more work to my left arm

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
A few extra sets of left handed dumbbell curls would help although this is pretty normal.

You look better than most beginners around here.[/quote]

Agreed. I’m impressed that he looks like he’s even picked up a weight. That seems to go against the grain.

As for the OP, your problem is minor and eventually, you should be able to correct that. You just need to realize that being right handed means your right side is doing more work ALL DAY LONG. That means pay attention to little things as well like carrying groceries or your backpack.

Firstly- good job so far

Now did you check in the mirror and confirm it. I know pictures can be misleading in the sense of depth. It looks like your squared up but being slightly tilted in or the lights or a number of things can emphasize a muscle in the pictures.

That said it is noticable in the picture, working out will naturally even out imbalances typically (or atleast close the gap, a 1/2 inch difference is a lot more noticable with 12 in arms than 20 in arms- and no not saying you have 12 in arms just made up numbers.) Do more unilateral work can help.

And X is definately correct in look for daily things that can contribute to it. If you always are doing something with your right arm over your left (even small things) the frequency of it will cause an imbalance.

It could be genetics. One of my girlfriends had one calf that was like 3 inch larger in circumference than the other. Didn’t work out ever, didn’t do much of anything actually. Pretty freaky.

Best advice I have is get bigger all around and see wehre that leaves you.