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Arms Not Growing

I have been training for about 1 year. I have descent chest, back, shoulder and legs. My arms are 14 inch when i flex. What am I doing wrong? What should i do to overcome this?

What are you doing now?

what is your height and weight?

not enough information bud…
There are so many unknown variables:
Your body type
workout (split, volume, load)

Can we not get into this argument again? People seem to get a bit religious about this, tempers fly and smart, nice people become arseholes.

I propose we stick to what are you eating and how are you lifting?

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You do know the guy asking is a accomplished competitive Bodybuilding and is asking the question to get a idea what hes dealing with and not Trolling?

Absolutely, not knocking him at all, but the whole somatype debate tends to explode a little bit and distract from the OP getting any useful information in my opinion.

I Just dont get why people get worked up over the whole samotype thing ,I know it all comes back to genetic potential concept. Well actually do know why…Which I am not opening that can of worms.