Arms + Meltdown

allright… here’s my new approach after much debate and searching. first supplementation + Diet = creatine(5g post), Glutamine (10g post, 4-diol (75mg sublingual before training) md6 (2 before training), Food (prot. 160g, carbs. 250g., and fat 50g) remember I weigh 160 at 5’7". Training will be Meltdown training! now here is my question: I would like to incorporate and extra 3x12 sets of reverse grip curls after part A on mondays and thursdays, would this help increase the Biceps? and on tuesday and thursday a 3x12 Lying DB extension for tris.? what do you guys think?

Is your goal primarily to drop bodyfat or build up your arm size? It seems like your goals are kind’ve conflicting from what you post. Your calories seem a little high for fat loss and there are better ways to gain muscle if this is your primary goal. If your goal is to simply get in better shape and keep your weight relatively constant while improving your body composition then this plan will probably work fine. However, I would do the arm training at the beginning of the workout and not as part of the giant sets so that you can utilize heavier weights

Kelly, my goal is exactly that. Maintain bodyweight and Bf but help out a little bit with my Arm size. I think I will follow your recommendation of doing the arm sets before the killer circuit. Now that you know my goal do you have any suggestions?

Personally if it were me considering the meltdown portion of the training is only about 18-25 minutes long if specializing on arms along with it I’d probably do a good 15-25 minutes of bicep or tricep work at the beginning of the session. You could hit each (bicep and tricep) twice per week but utilize heavier weights in one session and more isolation, supersets, tri-sets in the next session.

Perfect Kelly, just exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks. YOu think Mag-10 at half a dose a day would help? I’ll frontload on day one.

I haven’t used mag 10 but based on another post from Bill Roberts I get the indication that 1/2 dose per day definitely wouldn’t hurt anything and might give you a decent boost.