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Arms Lacking Size


Hi. Been lifting for 6 months now and I've noticed that my arms lack size.
These are my measurements:
Bicep - 32cm
Legs - 53cm
Chest - 95-6cm
Waist - 73cm
Shoulders (around the shoulders, don't know the word) - ~110cm
I'm 1.70 57-59kg (varies)
Current lifts:
DL - 110kg max, 90x5
Bench - 70kg max, 60x4
Squat - 65kg max (never tried heavier), 55x5
And the arms:
Standing bicep curl with EZ bar - 3x8@30kg no cheating.
I need an appropriate workout routine for some increase in arm size, having in mind my experience in the gym :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: I can only train 3 days a week, since I'm also training boxing.


Arms increase size when you build more muscle mass (gain weight). You can't just expect your body to build new muscle on your arms out of thin air. Oh, you need to get a lot stronger too.

Since your boxing, your going to have to take in a lot of calories to build new muscle. Are you competitive? If you have to stay a certain weight year round you can kiss bigger arms goodbye.

Sorry, but that's the plain truth man.


No, I'm not competing. Just gaining weight is GODDAMN hard.
Btw I thought my lifts are fine for my size and weight, no ?
Edit: I have a friend who's 3kgs heavier than me, same height and has 38cm arms. My legs are like 5cm bigger, waist is smaller, chest is almost the same (1-2cms difference). I can outlift him in anything but bench and he curls as much as me.


You do know you can be really strong but really skinny at the same time right? If you want bigger arms/muscles...your going to have to eat a lot and gain weight.

Again, not trying to sound like a douche but that's how muscle growth works.


i think i figured out your problem, you do realize you have triceps right? you can curl 30kg but what can you close grip?


true story.

eat, a lot.

like, a lot a lot.

holymac ate like a fat pregnant woman for a good while


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after MMF


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Muscle growth has to be triggered by increased stimulus. "ok for my size and weight" doesn't mean anything; if you aren't demanding more of your muscles they won't grow.

You also have to feed them. 99.99% of guys who hyper fixate on the size of their biceps (note as another poster mentioned, NOT the largest muscle in the upper arm) do not have impressive physiques at all.

To see any really appreciable size on your arms you will likely need to gain muscular weight all over while taxing your arms with heavy compound lifts as well as secondary isolation exercises.

Someone else asked how much you close grip bench. Spend some time working your triceps with heavy compound lifts like this and you will likely notice your arms looking much fuller and denser. Gain weight and lift heavy and they will grow. Otherwise, what do you want? There are no secrets.


Ok then. I'll try paying more attention to my triceps in the next motnh.
I'm currently training on this program -
Monday - Back, biceps, trapeze
3x8 pullups
4x8 seated cable rows
4x8 bent over rows
3x5 DL
3x8 ez bar curls
Wednesday - Chest, triceps, shoulders
3x8 dips
4x8 bench
3x8 flies/db press
3x8 standing cable flies
3x8 french press
2x8 cable pushdown
3x8 standing shoulder press
Friday - Legs, abs
4x8 squat
4x8 leg press
3x8 stiff-legged DL
3x8 vertical leg raise
3x8 hanging leg raise
Should I add the close grip bench to the triceps excersises or just replace the regular one with close grip ?
Also any advices are welcome.


I do chest and triceps on the same day. I usually do something like Overhead press, close grip bench, incline chest press machine, overhead tricep extension and then finish with another tricep exercise or forearm work.

I also combine back and biceps. That goes like this; deadlift, close grip pulldown, wide grip row, one arm row, dumb bell curls (neutral grip, supinated grip then pronated grip)

Where you put the exercise is really up to you and your goals. Regular bench is not particularly productive for my chest and I don't care about a big bench press number so I tend to drop it in favor of close grip. You might want to do both, depends on your specific goals.


i think you're just not doing enough sets / exercises for arms. and maybe not eating enough


Exactly. Your tricep should generally make up 2/3's of your upper arm size.

Focus on getting those tri's bigger.

And more food.

But at 32cm, which is ~12.5 inches, sounds like you could use a lot more size overall.

So again, more food.


yes and no

I guess, for an average person, judging basic strength, they are fine

But by no means are they strong in weightlifting terms and there is a lot of room to improve, even just compared to your own size (well, DL is pretty decent lol). You are barely squatting your bodyweight, for god's sake. Only reason I say this is so that you don't think you are already strong and just need to add volume/gain weight or something. You need to keep working on getting a lot stronger also, while you gain weight