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Arms, How Big is Huge?


Tape measure wise, what would you consider huge for an upper arm measurement? I'm talking lean muscle. Obviously, height would matter. Mine are 19 flexed and cold, but at 6'6, don't really look huge. I've seen Hulk Hogan, and I don't think his are really 21. Does anyone know measurements of well known people?


your arm are 19" when flexed and 19" cold?


yes, 19 flexed and cold. Never measured them pumped. I would kind of look like a geek measuring them in the gym.


sweet avatar by the way


The arm measurement is taken with the biceps flexed. Cold simply means the biceps have not been trained before the measurement is taken.




Jeez this is damn near Arnold size. How could you not look big?


Because I'm 6'6. I think they look bigger than average, but not huge.


Still . . .

(I'm 6' 4" and am not close to 19" yet . . . this whole getting huge thing is going to take a while. I'm going to go eat now.)


I dunno, I'm of the opinion that 19" is pretty huge. (Hides behind 16" arms)


The problem with measurements of famous people is that they aren't taken by a reliable source, so they're probably all exaggerated.


This is what I call huge arms. They belong to Manfred Hoeberl, former winner on World's Strongest Man competition. He comes from Graz, Austria, the same town as Arnold. Must be something in the water!


Gregg Valentino...Need I say more...


Back in his prime he would always say his arms were 24" pythons.....Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania destroys youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


What about that one dude from Canada, Greg Kovacs.. he was one of the biggest bodybuilders. He had some really big guns but the sheer size of him kinda made his arms look small for him.


I would say 18" and up would probably be considered huge by most people. But, yeah, if you are really tall, then it won't look as impressive.


look up vic richards, that is HUGE.


I do remember reading somewher that Manfred Hoebel (sp?) using alot of site injection oils or something along those lines. Eitherway his arms are FACKIN LARGE and IMO they don't resemble synthvol abuse.


it's all sort of relative though.. if your hangin' out at Gold's Venice your 19's look kinda average.. if your hangin' out on the floor of the stock exchange your 19's are E-fucking-normous..

I think the average person sitting around drinking venti frappaccinos at the 'bucks would look at a 17-18 inch arm and think it was big


Dude.. that guy.... I actually like Valentino.. I read his column in MD.. I think he's pretty funny and probably a pretty good dude... but that guys arms look completely ridiculous. There's enough oil in them to make OPEC jealous..I dont know how people can still consider those as even being arms..