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Arms Haven't Been Responding Well

I’ve been training for 3 years. I’ve completed 2 steroid cycles. The first one was diana and test. The second cycle was deca and test. My concern is that my arms haven’t been responding well. I’ve 13.5 inches biceps even after 3 years. My chest, back and legs are responding well. Guys please suggest me something.

First of all you shouldn’t be even THINKING of steroids. Second try Paul Carter’s arms program to add some size to them.


I’m never one to comment on PEDs (not my area of expertise), but if you’ve been training for 3 years and your arms are 13.5" after a couple of cycles, I dare say the culprit is more likely your diet and training.



Why did you even consider roids when you’re the type of guy who has had no significant response to training and nutrition after three years. And considering the nature of your post, you’re likely a noob or a poor responder because it is really only advanced people that can have grown in a specific body part while a poorer responder or noob will have to become bigger overall to get bigger arms.

I know you said you’re arms, back, and legs have gotten bigger, but by you saying your arms have remained 13.5 inches while those are getting bigger at you’re stage, then something is not adding up!

I believe too many people are going by what they FEEL or what ONLY they perceive or see, which is not the same as an observer sees. There’s no other way to put it because considering one sees oneself everyday, it is very difficult to see some changes that another person will or what one can see in comparing old photos to recent ones.


Thanks man for replying. To be really honest here my diet has always been on point. Maybe it’s the training method which is the culprit. I usually go for 10 reps when the weight is less and do 4-6 reps when it’s the max weight i can lift.

Do you have pictures?

Thanks brother for replying.
I came to know I’m a poor responder only after completing my second cycle. I expected good gains from deca. There were gains in my chest, back and legs but arms didn’t gain much. I’m not a noob. In my 3 years of bodybuilding I’ve learnt a lot. I keep reading articles. My diet has always been on point. Maybe I’ve got to change my training method. Suggest me something for that?

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Obviously your over all training is shit and you dont know what your doing… and the fact that you are doing cycles only 3 years into it probably says allot.


I know that. That’s why I’m here asking for suggestions.

I train with people who lift less than me with shit forms and they don’t have any proper diet. Still they are double my size.

Time man. Time.

And try hard.

This shit ain’t supposed to be easy. Not sure what you were thinking.

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OK, so the ‘shit diet, shit form and weaker’ guys are bigger than you? Yeah, no. Not how it works. Switch it around to your diet sucks your technique sucks and you’re always ego lifting and maybe you’re on the right track. Success leaves clues. Why not spend a year doing what those other guys are doing and see were that gets you? Also, ditch the steroids. Learn how to train and eat properly first.

Yes. I know. I come across as a dick. So sue me.

You’ve avoided answering some key questions, like what your diet is. No, ‘my diet is fine’ isn’t an answer. Someone whose diet is fine will be able to say very accurately what they eat on any given day. Same applies to how they train. Combine that with your claim that the bigger guys with better physiques don’t know shit despite you being on your third cycle with a pretty average physique makes it pretty obvious you don’t know shit. I’m not saying this to be an arsehole, just want to cut through a lot of crap and save everyone a bit of time.


Saying your diet is on point really doesn’t mean much. What is your diet? How much red meat do you eat in a given day? Calories?

I am by no means the leading expert on dieting, but your physique looks similar to some of the guys that train where I do. They’re not using PEDs and their training isn’t BB training. Im also not a bodybuilding expert, but I can tell you that cycling PEDs this early is setting you up for having to do more to get where you’d already be able to get naturally. I’m not opposed to PEDs in the least, but train enough to approach your genetic limit before using so that you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

If you want serious help, it’d probably do you well to post details on your training and diet.

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My diet is on point too. But only if the point is that you really like cookies and steak.


My on point diet is looks a lot more like J M Blakely’s bulking diet than it doesn’t.

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This is my diet
Breakfast: 2 bananas, oats, peanut butter, whey all of them mixed with milk.
After 2-3 hours: boiled brocoli
Lunch : Rice with 250gms chicken breast
After 2 hours: 200gm curd
30 mins before workout: curd+boiled potato
Post workout: banana+whey
Dinner: Rice+1 chapati+250gm chicken breast+boiled spinach.

@MarkKO So you’re saying that i should skip dinner or lunch sometimes, eat burgers and pizza every alternate day, skip gym every third day because that’s what they do.


@pookie79 @IronOne @bulldog9899 @BrickHead @MarkKO @The_Mighty_Stu
Guys can you please tell me what arms training program should i follow?
Thank you.